Chlorine shortage could spoil summertime fun

Published 10:07 am Wednesday, June 30, 2021

Chlorine’s gone up, and ya gotta use chlorine in your pool…

The same way rising beef prices are hurting backyard cookouts across the U.S., a major chlorine shortage is also set to spoil summertime fun in the swimming pool.

The pool boom brought on by the pandemic, along with an enormous chemical plant fire in Louisiana caused by Hurricane Laura, has made chlorine prices almost double since last summer.  Experts say it could be the worst chlorine shortage the country has ever seen.

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“It’s the perfect storm,” said Clay Seale, owner of Seale Pool Solutions in Batesville for 11 years.  “Now I’m paying the same amount I would normally charge for retail.”

As far as alternatives to chlorine, Seale said some people are turning to other sanitizers, or installing salt water systems.

To those affected by the current spike, he recommended minding the pool bather load, and keeping a close eye on the chemicals, by testing weekly – or in certain cases daily.  “If you know something is going in the wrong direction, you can head it off at the pass,” said Seale.

He also suggested lessening the need for chemicals by simply keeping the pool clean from the get-go.  “If you let it turn, it takes a lot more chlorine to get it back to normal.”


Photo: Clay Seale discusses pool upkeep with customer Nancy Douglas. (Davis Coen)