July 5 will have the latest sunset

Published 4:10 pm Tuesday, June 22, 2021


By Steve Norris


Weather NewsSummer has arrived, but isn’t it ironic that we have below normal temperatures expected through July 1?After starting the week with some wet weather, I expect Tuesday through Thursday to see some pretty decent conditions but then another rain system is threatening next weekend.I am starting to see some indicators that the summer heat wave may kick in during the first two weeks of July, so I will update you on that again next week. There are signs that thejet stream is going to flip flop and the eastern half of the country could really heat up in several weeks. Farmers and gardeners take note that the next two months are likely to be a lot different than what we had in June.We have a full moon coming up on Thursday, but it will also appear full the night before and the night after. This full moon is called the Strawberry Moon. Some folks were inquiring when the sun will start setting earlier. July 5 is the latest sunset of the year and then the sun starts going down about 30 seconds earlier each day.By the end of July it sets 15 minutes earlier than it did at the start of the month. You can reach me anytime with an email at weather1charter.net