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Hoosier critic too far off the charts for sanity

By Ricky Swindle

Muffler Shop Musings

Howdy, friends !

I received a lengthy email from an unhappy Hoosier in Indiana about my alleged endorsement of the coronavirus vaccine.

The Panolian has readers from everywhere it seems.

I went back and read my article again because I did not believe I actually gave an endorsement for the vaccine.

In the article I did state that I was willing to take the shot. In my defense, nowhere in the musing is anything remotely related to me suggesting that you or any other person reading the column should take the vaccine.

The Hoosier responder stated I was very irresponsible for endorsing the treatment. If being irresponsible is having and being vocal about an opinion on my own personal medical options, then irresponsible I shall be.

The fellow littered his email to me with so many conspiracy theories that I am almost certain by this time the virus and the shot to ward it off was put here by extraterrestrials.

He appeared to be so far to the right he was almost off the chart. He continued sending me email after email with links to other theories. I do not have time for such nonsense.

Folks, I want you to understand who the author of this every now and then column is, it is me – Ricky. I am a product of Panola County and Batesville, MS. I believe I am educated enough to make my own decisions and I would hope that you are also.

I am not right wing or left wing. Every now and then I tend more to chicken wings if I walk into the Jiffy Store. That is about all the politics you will get out of me.

I do not care about CNN, MSNBC or Fox News either. I would rather be told ALL of the facts in every situation and then form my own opinion and make my own mind up.

I do not desire to have a pretty face newsperson in front of a camera with earbuds in his or her ear with a smarter person on the other end telling him or her educated things to say to push their own agenda.

So, I tend to read a lot. No one news outlet has the opportunity to form my opinion. I read them all, left and right then make my own decisions based on what I believe.

Folks, if anyone reading this or any other article is persuaded to take a shot or anything else, I would advise you to seek psychiatric counseling immediately.

If you feel compelled to follow the lead of any politician, musician, writer, athlete, etc, I will again urge you to speak to your personal medical caregiver about the prospect of maybe you are losing your mind.

Folks, take care of yourselves. Social distance, wash and sanitize your hands. We have lost a lot of good folks this year already.

My Christmas wish for all is simply peace and love, peace and love.