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Smugglers toss chicken wings, marijuana over fence of prison

According to MDOC, smugglers threw more than 25 packages over a section of fence at the South Mississippi Correctional Institution around 1:30 a.m. These packages contained such items as cellphones, marijuana and 7 pounds of barbecued chicken wings.

Some of the contraband was also sewn into footballs which, according to MDOC, “easily cleared” the prison’s 18-foot tall fence.

Due to sensing technology, officers were able to locate the contraband and also caught sight of the smugglers’ vehicle. A search is now underway for that vehicle by state and local law enforcement.

Among the contraband seized, officials found:

  • 4 pounds of marijuana
  • 20 pounds of tobacco and rolling papers
  • 38 cellphones, chargers and Blue Tooth earbuds
  • An assortment of cigars
  • Over-the-counter cold medications
  • 10 cans of snuff
  • Several packs of cigarettes and lighters
  • 1 scale
  • 1 head scarf
  • 7 pounds of barbequed chicken wings.

Inmates having any connection with the smuggling attempt will lose eligibility for early release and accumulated earned time.