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For best results, fall all the way

By Ricky Swindle

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Howdy, friends!

I hope you have been taking care of yourselves. The Covid thing seems to be hitting on all eight here lately and more and more folks closer to our circles are being affected by it.

I have altered my behavior little by little this year. I have no desire to be a full blown recluse, but I have taken steps to not be in close contact with folks if possible. I still hate the mask, but I’ve grown slightly accustomed to wearing it in certain environments.

The scientist are saying they have a vaccine for the virus. Are you going to take it if your chance comes along ? I can assure you I will.

My doctor has me taking a flu shot every year since I turned 50. They will tell you that it may not prevent you from getting the flu, but it will help you cope with the effects of the illness if you do become sick. With all that said it is widely known that the flu vaccine is only 50 percent effective.

The new Covid vaccine is reported to be 95 percent effective. I like those odds.

My thinking on vaccines is kind of like my thoughts on being superstitious.

Although there may be no harm in walking under a ladder or crossing the path of a black cat, there just ain’t no need in taking any avoidable unnecessary chances.

So, I’ll take my chances with a vaccine other than taking the chance of doing nothing at all.

My computer pecking writing technique has been somewhat handicapped the past couple weeks due to nothing more than simply trying to stand up.

One of my workers and I were attempting to clean out our backyard swimming pool before the big freeze came in a few days ago. I went from a kneeling position to standing and somehow in between I had a malfunction and down goes me.

Attempting to catch my overly healthy self was not the thing to do as my entire weight found itself on top of my right hand. X-rays confirmed it was not broken, but folks this thing has been a constant lesson in pain.

We use our extremities without thought and take it for granted they will always be there. There are lots of useful tasks our limbs help us to perform daily.

I would wager you never gave thought how difficult it could be for a right-handed fellow with a wounded right arm to simply eat. Not being an ambidextrous person so using my left hand was almost impossible.

Although my fingers worked fine to hold and scoop with a fork and spoon, my injured wrist would not allow me to turn my hand to actually get the food in my mouth. So, I ate a lot of finger food for several days.

My advice : If you fall, try to just fall. Do not attempt to catch yourself.

Thanksgiving is behind us now. I hope you and your folks were safe during and after the holiday.

Christmas is on it’s way. Vaccine or not we will be having our annual Swindle Family Christmas on the 23rd with my Grand Heathens just as my Mother done on that day all the years before.

Those 5 Heathens do not get the benefit of being social distanced from their Big Daddy although the older ones most likely would not mind it. (I take great sport in biting their ears, teenagers do not see the need in that anymore)

Folks, take care of yourselves. Christmas is the season of giving. Find just one person not as fortunate as yourself and give them a little hand up. I do not believe in hand outs, I believe in hand ups. Do what you can to help someone and The Lord will bless you.

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