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5 reasons to shop local this season 

This year – more than ever here are reasons to shop local.

  • ● Shopping local keeps local jobs.  We care about our neighbors, and this year more than any other our local shopkeepers have been challenged with shutdowns, reduced shopping capacity in stores and vigilant sanitizing. Show your support for local stores who provide employment locally. We stay stronger as a community by keeping as many people employed as possible. Every local dollar spent here, stays here! Merchants pay local taxes that go to support our community. Shopping local is a way to do good, and is so appreciated by local businesses who have invested so much in Panola County.
  • ● Great finds for everyone on your list. Panola County merchants have stocked up for the season, and have so much to offer. Where else can you find one of a kind pottery, hunting supplies, local candles, and fashion jewelry, the latest fashion and apparel for men, women, kids, outdoor, sports equipment, home goods all within a few miles.
  • ● Buying Local Gift Certificates Fits Everyone On Your Shopping List.  Local gift certificates to local restaurants and stores puts money back into the local economy and you can know the person getting the gift certificate can pick out exactly what they like.  You can find gift certificates not only at local restaurants and stores, but also services like spa and nail services, car washes and more.
  • ● Staying safe. Stay safer by staying home to shop.
  • ● Saving time and money. Why spend a tank of gas and a whole day when so many wonderful gifts are minutes away? You can wrap your holiday shopping in a few hours without the traffic jams, parking problems.