Some people are too casual with their masks

Published 4:16 pm Wednesday, August 19, 2020

Mt. Olivet News

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I have observed how casual some people are about their face masks. They lay them around so casually, then put them on when going into an establishment that requires it. If it is cloth does it not require washing sometimes?

I see face masks for sale in stores at an exaggerated price that say one-time use only, and aren’t surgical masks one-time use only? Is there any standard that manufacturers must go by when making these masks?

I have also observed in some food establishments employees are wearing gloves, and handling both food and money. I would much rather have a good clean hand than a glove that has touched everything.

I do keep a box of gloves in my car so I will have them when needed. Pumping gas is a safe time to wear gloves, then dispose of them at the trash dispenser. Do not throw them on the ground.

There is a gas station in Oxford that has big red gloves at the pump for just that purpose.

Don’t tell my cell phone repairman, Demetrick Hurt, but I think it was hand sanitizer that caused me to have to get a new face for my cell phone. Mr. Hurt has been so patient with me and some of my friends in trying to help us learn to get the ultimate use out of our cell phones. He started a class for just that purpose. Unfortunately, we had to disband because of the virus.

I received a beautiful picture from Shelley Russell of the crepe myrtle trees at Black Jack Presbyterian Church on Ales Road. Black Jack Church is in a serene setting and the crepe myrtles enhance the beauty of the old church.

It was established in 1826 and is probably the oldest church in Mississippi still having regular services. It is said to have been a hospital during the Civil War. Both Confederate and Union soldiers are buried there.

I had a phone call from Peggy Dorman, wife of Harold Doman, the country singer and songwriter from Sledge that Rebecca Alexander and I wrote about last week. She now resides in Memphis.

Someone sent her a copy of The Panolian with the article about Charley Pride and Harold Dorman. She filled me in on Harold’s life as a famous musician.

She said he never really liked the traveling lifestyle that is required in show business. He preferred the quiet life with family, and the opportunity to pen many hundreds of songs that eventually were recorded by many well-known artists.

She still has many hundreds that were not recorded. I thought about Garth Brooks wanting to withdraw his name from entertainer of the year ballots after having won it several years in a row. It says something about a person who doesn’t need trophies and awards to know who they are.

He will be remembered longer for having refused than for winning award number eight.

School is back in session and I pray that everyone is safe, from the bus drivers to the youngest littler pre-school child and all in between.

Send me a story idea, or a picture of a beautiful crepe myrtle you know about. Call or text anytime to 901-828-8824.