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Letter to the Editor

America needs to

start this year over

Dear Editor,

We really need a do-over year.

Everyone thought that the start of a new decade would hold hope and promise for a bright future. That went out the window very quickly.  2020 started off with a bogus impeachment hearing for President Donald Trump.  All of the democrats wanted the president gone, and all of the republicans needed him to stay.

Since they are more Republicans than there are Democrats, I was not surprised at the outcome. All I saw was a waste of the taxpayers money and simply, a waste of time.

During the hearing, a strange sickness was ravaging through China and all of Europe.  Nobody knew what it was or how to deal with it. The scientists later named it COVID-19 or Coronavirus.  Slowly it crept into the United States.  In the third week of March, it seemed that all of America had shut down.

Tens of thousands of people lost their jobs. About every place of business had a “closed” sign on their doors. The virus ultimately took over everything. All events would be canceled or postponed.  A few weeks later, people started to adjust to “the new normal”.

All of the doctors and nurses and other essential workers would be given hero credit and knew that they would be appreciated.  During the next few weeks, everything was quiet until another pandemic hit, racism.

On May 25, Memorial Day, America witnessed something horrifying. A stubborn police officer leaned his knee on a black man’s neck until he passed out and later died.  A revolution of protesters marched around the world supporting The Black Lives Matter movement.

There were peaceful protesters, but there were also rioters. They would deface property and use violence instead of their voices.

It seemed like everything happened overnight. Statues that stood for the Confederacy were taken down, and Mississippi took down its flag.  In my opinion, racism has been around since Adam and Eve.  Racism is NOT in a statue or a flag, but in lost people’s hearts.

When I see athletes kneeling during the National Anthem, I keep thinking that there should be a better way to get the Black Lives Matter point across.

I witnessed a veteran with no legs and he STILL stood for the National Anthem.

As of now, the coronavirus is still climbing. People need better leadership in the U S government. Democrats and republicans need to come together to work on a solution for these problems.

I know in my heart that God is in control. He is in every meaningful act that people do. We just have to pay attention and listen to His Word.

s/Glennie Pou