Making a Decision to be on the Right Road

Published 5:00 am Wednesday, July 22, 2020

By Mary Walker | Community Columnist

Decisions are made everyday: such as should I go to the right, or go to the left?  Sometimes a different decision is left to each of us – individually.  Going to the left often indicates that you may be going in the wrong direction, or not making a right decision.  Life offers us two roads, one leading left, while the other leads to the right.

We are left with making the right decision for our lives, but must be careful of making right choices, because we are left to deal with the circumstances of our choices in life.

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Many people have left the right teaching from their parents and have chosen to travel the road that leads to the left.  They go right on over and start doing everything that they have previously been warned against.  They left to experience a road that may look glamorous, containing a lot of people that are left with no desire to live right.  They are left there to eventually find out that right to the left of that well-travelled road is a pit of fire, ready for all that never left, or changed to making right life decisions.

The right road – or the road leading to right living, is left with very few people.

People who have chosen this road may have left a time or two, but many times they come right back, repent, then start this work over.

So remember, you may have turned your back and left the right way, the right teaching, the right church, or the right people – but through it all, God has never left us.  He is always standing right there waiting for us to come right back to Him.

Moral of the story: Get right, or get left.