Self respect first step to independence

Published 4:06 pm Wednesday, July 15, 2020

By Mary Murphy

Mt. Enon Community

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Today our young men and women have lost track of who they are because of abuse in homes and school. As we go through our daily lives we should not have to come into contact with young people who come out of jail, their pants hanging down in public places.

Many are lost in misery, trying to find where they belong. Going to jail comes at a price. Just to be near someone who soothes the savage need of love in the wrong places. Regain your self respect that many have lost yesterday.

Pull your pants up, young man, and respect is yours to carry through life.

Walking into public places with your pants hanging below your buns is a turnoff when shopping for groceries or eating in public places. Self hatred is so persistent in young people today that they have no regard for human life.

Guns have become their toys of choice. Who’s buying the guns to give to our lost children of death? Many are using the weakness of “no one cares about you” to destroy who they are.

To change the course, we must work within our homes, schools, and churches with more parent involvement. Neighborhood plays a vital part in the lives of children. As you watch the political ads, do you wonder how much money was paid out to those who destroy property in this one neighborhood?