Batesville City Board meeting as scheduled…precautions taken

Published 2:41 pm Tuesday, March 17, 2020

The Batesville Mayor and Board of Aldermen are meeting as normal at City Hall.

Mayor Jerry Autrey said Monday he would not attend the meeting because he is over 60 years of age, but he decided to lead the discussions.

Alderman Bill Duggar and assistant board attorney Colmon Mitchell, both senior citizens, took part by telephone. Joe Azar was also on the conference call.

Everyone entering the meeting room was sprayed with disinfecting spray, and Police Chief Jimmy McCloud kept a count of the room’s occupants and did not allow more than 10 persons at one time.

So far at the meeting, the board has dealt with routine matters, and heard from their attorney about the status of several hundred dollars that has gone unclaimed and will now be returned to the finder. More updates on this story tomorrow.

Also at the meeting, Public Works Director David Karr has introduced Newt Benson to the board. The former head of maintenance at Panola Medical Center is now the assistant to the Public Works Director. They have just voted to purchase him a new truck for his duties.

More from the city board meeting will be posted Wednesday.