Finally got a license, and not giving them back

Published 2:27 pm Tuesday, March 10, 2020

I did not write my column last week because I have been so stressed over my billfold being stolen. My deadline for the paper is now on Mondays since we have the paper coming out on Wednesdays.

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Last Monday when I should have been writing, I sat at the driver’s license place for three hours. I had no form of identification, but gave her my Social Security number and had no problems after that long wait.

When I called the Social Security office I was told that you know have to go in person to either Grenada or Olive Branch and bring all kinds of identification, like a driver’s license.

When I told her the only I.D. I had was my new driver’s license she replied, “You are not supposed to be able to get your license without your Social Security card.

That actually blew what little mind I have.

Looks like you can’t get a SS card without a license, and you can’t get a license without a SS card. “Someone just bent the rules for you,” she said.

I told her I’ve got my driver’s license now, and I ain’t giving them back.

There had been no unusual activity on my credit cards before I cancelled them. What can someone do with my driver’s license, my Medicare card, my Social Security and health insurance card, and several blank checks?

I am really fearful of identity theft. The editor remarked that someone might use my identity to get married and when the law finally catches up to them I could be legally married and don’t even know it!

All of our friends and family members have been reported okay after the terrible tornado in Nashville and surrounding areas last week.

I heard from the Terza community and Sandi and Calvin Land. Thank you for saying you missed my column last week. Sandi reported that Erin and Matthew Legge’s twins, Hudson and Harper, will celebrate their 11 month birthday on March 29. Erin is Calvin’s daughter.

We lost a great friend in Red Hudson. His accolades would cover a whole page of this newspaper, yet in his last few years he was unable to attend the meetings and events that he had organized.

The most important one was the Panola County Relief Fund that helped with money for needy cancer patients. We did not get to start the piano lessons that he wanted to take.

I will forever feel guilty that I did not get the time after Barbara Lambert had loaned me a keyboard to give Red lessons when he said he wanted to learn to play last year.

I kept thinking maybe I can take it tomorrow, and then tomorrow, and then tomorrow. Then I was shocked when I heard of his death, and did not have another tomorrow.

Red was surely a grand fellow and when I went by the newspaper I saw on the editor’s desk some books and papers he had about Red Hudson’s life. He said he is working on making a story about the history of all that he did and I will be waiting to read that article.

The Coronavirus has gotten all of us concerned. Last week I went to Dollar Tree and bought several bottles of hand sanitizer. If they still have some, it would be a good idea to buys some for someone else who may not think about purchasing some.

My grandson Alex’s duck dog, Delta Midnight River, has given birth to 13 puppies and 12 survived. All are healthy, but mum, however, became sick when the puppies were four weeks old and was hospitalized for several days in a 24/7 veterinary hospital.

If you would like a puppy that will grow into a beautiful Lab, and maybe retrieve ducks, let me know!

God bless all my readers. Stay well and call me with a story, or a tip if you hear one. Home phone is 662-563-1742 and cell is 901-828-8824.