Best solution is to impeach them all

Published 3:16 pm Thursday, December 26, 2019

I have grown weary of the impeachment proceedings droning on and on day in and day out.

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My soap opera has been interrupted numerous times and I am sort of ashamed to admit I care more about those folks than the knuckleheads in Washington, DC.

Kind of sounds like a hung jury could happen here. How can you believe anything anyone says? He did, he did not. They did they did not.

It is always surprising to me that you can show something to two different people and get two surprisingly different answers about what they observed.

But I digress. I don’t care anymore who or whom did what to whom. I just want to watch Young and the Restless when I lay down to rest at night.

I’ve about given up on the government helping me out financially with deeming Dear Don worthy of his disability benefits. Is it asking too much to expect to watch my program every day? Have the blasted folly on at 2 a.m. when most legal citizens are sleeping.

So, let me tell you how my Daddy would handle this situation at our house while I was growing up.

My daddy was a strict disciplinarian. There was a very thin line to tow and corporal punishment if you dared to not tow that line.

So each of the three of us, me being the oldest, would be required to line up for interrogation.

Each of us was then put through the ringer with questions from Daddy. In almost every instance either none of us took the blame or we all blamed each other. There was never any corroborating facts to back up any thing we said.

So Daddy who by now was not only mad about the situation at hand he has mad because nobody would cotton to a single crime.

So what happened next? All three of us would be punished. Once for the act itself and once for not having the guts to take responsibility.

In other words we were all impeached.

I am thinking that perhaps we as citizens and voters in this great country should consider a ground swell, a movement to impeach the lot of them. Punish them all. Take them out of DC and send them back home.

Start over.

This worked relatively well at my house and Daddy was always sure of one thing using this tried and true method. One way or the other he always got the guilty party.

Think it over and let me know if you want to start a movement. It’s never too late to do the right thing.

Stay tuned.

You can contact Sherry at or 662.563.2525