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Teens must be aware of consequences



On Wednesday, Dec. 17, Panola County Constable, Raye Hawkins,58, was laid to rest. For those who do not know, Hawkins was tragically killed in a head on crash with a stolen vehicle while trying to help stop it.

The death of Mr. Hawkins stunned the Panola County community. The two suspects who caused the accident identified as ages 15 and 16, will more than likely sit in  jail cells for quite some time.

As a teenager, my day typically consists of waking up, going to school, work, home, doing chores, homework, and finally to bed. In the midst of these things obstacles often arise.

I find myself in situations sometimes created by me, but quite often situations find me. In all situations, I rely on values instilled in me by my parents, my faith, and simple common sense. These things have kept me safe thus far.

Teenagers are often quick to follow new trends. It could be the types of clothes they wear, what type of music they listen too, the latest dares, bad influences, etc. It’s just a common thing in today’s society, however, that doesn’t mean it is the best idea to follow the crowd.

Everyday in the United States, teenagers put themselves in situations, without considering the consequences of their actions. Take this incident, for example.

I’m certain the 15 and16 year-old teenagers who decided to steal the vehicle, did not think that the end result would be bodily harm/death to another human being. We must remember that there are consequences for our actions. Their fate will be determined by a jury and judge in the future.

While writing this, I am reminded that life, is a precious commodity. It is not to be handled lightly. We only get one opportunity, to live it, be it good or bad.