This America belongs to each of us

Published 3:57 pm Thursday, December 5, 2019

Thanksgiving week came and went in a blur of activity. I had numerous painting orders to fill and was determined to complete them by or before Saturday. I was focused and diligent and completed my goal.

Saturday morning early Dear Don went out to the fire pit to get a roaring fire going. It was a bit blustery and the clouds were low and heavy with impending rain. But it was not supposed to rain before late afternoon. So, we took advantage of what we hoped would be a relaxing day in the mild temperatures and comfortable seats by the fire.

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We had only been out maybe 15 minutes when the rains came. Sprinkles at first and we endured. Then the drops began to get bigger and harder and we realized at once we were defeated. This day would need to move to Plan B.

We came in and played board games and cards before giving in to naps. It was dark out and the rains were heavy, loud and lulling. A perfect day for a nap.

The days before Thanksgiving and the day after I worked on a project I had never done before. A friend and neighbor asked me to re-paint his American Bald Eagle statue that he had placed in a spot of honor in his yard for years.

This eagle was made from concrete and had suffered damage and its majesty of colors had long faded. He wanted it restored and he asked me to do it. I was honored to do so.

As I began to work on the eagle I began to think about the meaning of this bird. It is after all the symbol of our country. It is a proud symbol. This eagle is perched on a large rock as if it were looking out over the whole country.

As I added color and more color defining the wings and the head and the beak I began to feel more and more reflective about my country. Your country. All of our country.

This is America. The United States of America. A country that represents not only blue or red or democrat or republican or donkeys or elephants. Not just conservative or liberal, nor male or female or black or white or brown. This is the America that represents us all. The country we fight for, bled for, stand up for and pray for. It isn’t about politics or bullying platforms or media driven rants social or otherwise.

This is the America that protects its own, that provides freedoms we cannot get and will not get anywhere else in the world.

This is America that is beautiful from sea to shining sea as the song lyrics tell us. Small towns that are filled with libraries and churches, schools and diners and Mom and Pop stores. Large cities that are brimming with as diverse a group of people as one could find anywhere. These people living along side each other as neighbors and friends. We all co-exist as though we were one. Americans.

Whether you were born here or your family came here on a boat many years ago. Whether you were dreaming or escaping you came to America. The land that offered hope and possibilities and realities.

This is the land where we live. It still offers these same ideals. We cannot as Americans let our need to defend our political beliefs override our pride in our America.

This country was founded on beliefs that still exist today.

Find your kindness inside and let it be shown. Not just because it is the holiday season but because you are a proud American and you want to be kind to others.

Let us show those who believe differently than we that we can be kind, understanding and show mercy.

Do it today and everyday.

Once the eagle was completed my neighbor loaded him up and put him in the middle of a triangle of flags that are important to him. The flag of the United States of America, the flag of the great state of Mississippi and flag that is a reminder of the brave soldiers that gave their lives for this country.

America, mine, yours, ours.

Stay tuned.

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