Panola County is even a good place to fall

Published 5:38 pm Thursday, November 21, 2019

Panola County is even a good place to fall

Mt. Olivet News

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It’s not going to happen to me…I’m careful. Very careful. But it did!

I fell at my mailbox last Wednesday. I did a nice little job on my head and eye (no concussion) but a painful broken hand that was already laden with arthritis and gout.

I keep thinking, “How can I complain when my great-great nephew Blake Willis has had 10 times by broken bone?”

I remember  Elizabeth Browning’s broken hip and arm, and now she’s up and even going shopping at Wal Mart! I remember Cathy Johnson’s fall last Christmas that kept her in rehab for so long.

Debbie Tidwell had painful foot surgery. Therefore, I should not complain. Most of us have gone through pain at sometime or another. If not? Watch out!

I am thankful for the nice young man who stopped and picked me up and helped me get to the house. His name is Jonathan or Jeremy Stafford. I’m still not sure about his first name.

He was driving some sort of white delivery van. If you know him please thank him a million times for me. He apparently called the Sheriff’s Department because in about 10 minutes a deputy was knocking on my door.

His name was Deputy James Whatley and he is Panola County #56. Nowhere but in Panola County would I have got service like that!

Mt. Olivet Methodist Church had their Lord’s Acre/Thanksgiving dinner this past Sunday night. In my column the week before I made a challenge for everyone to remember the shut-ins and the elderly.

Guess what? I was on the list! Susan Gordan Carlisle and Rhonda Skipper brought me big plates of food, even before they sat down to eat themselves. What’s not to love about a community that shows this much love?

Hope to see you next week with a very interesting story. Shirley Smith Joiner (Mrs. Lloyd) will be my co-writer.

Give me some news and tips about things to write. I will follow up and get it done. Write me, call me, or send a text. Donna at home is 662-563-1742 and mobile is 901-828-8824.