Phelps wins Panola sheriff’s race with 400 vote margin

Published 6:34 am Wednesday, November 6, 2019

Panola County voters elected a new sheriff Tuesday. Shane Phelps out polled incumbent Dennis Darby 4,881 to 4,485 in the 21 county precincts. These numbers are unofficial and will need to be certified by the Election Commission once all votes are tallied.

Still left to count are a handful of affidavit and resolution ballots that will be addressed Wednesday morning by election officials in regular post-election business. Phelps won 12 of the 21 boxes.

Phelps, who retired from the Mississippi Highway Patrol to run for the seat, said late Tuesday that “it’s been a long year.”

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Darby was seeking his third term in office.

The machine votes at each of the 21 precinct boxes are as follows (unofficially). These include absentee votes.

Como Library: Phelps 226     Darby 175

Pleasant Mount Fire Dept: Phelps 171    Darby 142

Sardis Courthouse:  Phelps 422     Darby 240

Sardis Lake Fire Dept:  Phelps 119   Darby 91

Sardis Library:   Phelps 512    Darby 234

Pleasant Grove Fire Station:    Phelps 64     Darby 124

Longtown Fire Station:   Phelps 96     Darby 84

Crenshaw Old City Hall:   Phelps 116     Darby 122

Macedonia-Concord:    Phelps 482     Darby 146

Cliff Finch Building:     Phelps 139     Darby 322

Courtland Baptist:    Phelps 650     Darby 241

Pope City Hall:    Phelps 434     Darby 276

Tocowa Community Center:   Phelps  200     Darby 390

Crowder: Phelps  104    Darby 52

Panola County Extension Building:  Phelps 114    Darby 321

Eureka Community Center:  Phelps 291   Darby 437

Black Jack Community Center:  Phelps 292  Darby 517

Mt.  Olivet Fire Department:   Phelps 358   Darby  424

Batesville Courthouse:   Phelps 555   Darby 830

Patton Lane Community Center:   Phelps 582   Darby 136

Enon Water Building:  Phelps 48   Darby 45