Vandalizing a candidate’s sign is lack of character

Published 4:43 pm Thursday, October 31, 2019

Mt. Olivet News

I interrupt my original opening statement to bring the sad news that Cletus 315 (the 315 name was given to him by the grandchildren of Mr. James Vaxter) was killed by a hit and run driver one day this past week.

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I wrote just last week that Cletus was doing fine after Mr. Vaxter’s grandchildren had told him that they had not seen him on recent visits. I did not get to talk to his owners Joanna and Eric Coaten, but they are to be commended for the care that they gave to him, and for letting him greet so many people at the Hwy 6 and 315 intersection.

When I would see him, I would always slow down to see him beat the concrete with his tail. The flowers and black ribbon at the intersection is just one of the many expressions of love and sympathy from people whose life he has touched.

A word to the driver who hit him. Were you going so fast that you could not stop? Did you not see him? Did you not care? Just another old dog, huh! I’m sure that Cletus’s Facebook page (yes, he had a Facebook page and you can visit it to see photos) will have a lot to express about the lives he has touched. I miss you, Cletus!

The people of Mt. Olivet Community are always asking me about the dam/watershed that overflowed on the Mike Lovelace place on Feb. 22 of this year. Mr. Terry Myers of the Batesville office of the USDA has not heard from the four engineers who came here from the Texas USDA office.

He has promised that he will let us know when some sort of action will be made. Remember – they cannot do anything without permission and compensation for the landowners who will be affected – namely Palmertree, Baker, Hartman and Lovelace.

After reading Sherry Hopkins article on grief after losing her five year old daughter nearly 50 years ago, I was encouraged to cut it out and put it on my refrigerator because I too reminisce.

It was 72 years ago this past Sunday (Oct. 27, 1947) when my two little sisters were killed in an automobile accident. I was sitting in the middle with one on either side. Sherry, you taught me that it’s O.K. to ask why. You taught me that it’s O.K. to be sad on Oct. 27.

Oct. 28 comes and life goes on with a sweet remembrance of the good times.

Don’t forget to vote this coming Tuesday! I have noticed that many candidates’ signs have been pulled up, especially in the Mt. Olivet Community. Is this not a misdemeanor? Some of the signs that are missing are Dennis Darby’s and Nicole Atkins Boyd’s.

I don’t think that pulling up their sign will hurt a strong candidate, but it sure does show lack of character on whomever is responsible, was it you, other candidates?

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