Birthday cake mishap smoothed over with no problem

Published 6:45 pm Thursday, October 24, 2019

Billy Williams, of the Colds Springs Community, is battling an infection that has been quite difficult.

If there is one tough ‘feller’ it is Billy! He and Mary have kept children in their home for many years so their parents could go to their workplace at peace, knowing their children are cared for in a very loving, Christian environment.

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Also,  I received word that Tina Cooper, of Cold Springs/Terza Community has had a knee replacement surgery. I know that her devoted daughter, Suzanne will take good care of her.

When Suzanne took piano lessons she learned to play beautifully and became the pianist at Colds Springs Methodist Church, while in Junior High. She stayed after school for her lessons and rode home with me after we finished. We made this such a fun time.

Once,I had bought a birthday cake for another student who was coming to my house later that night. It was Suzanne’s job to hold the birthday cake while I drove. All went well until I hit this huge rock, about the size of a motorcycle at her Uncle Lonnie’s house

We dumped the cake in the middle of the floorboard, along with all the dead grass and gravel. I hit the rock so hard that it almost flipped my car. What did I do after that? I drove home picked all the grass and gravel out, smoothed the icing around a little, put the candles in the holes and served the cake as if nothing happened.

I held my breath that my husband would not crunch down on a rock and break out a tooth. Did I eat any cake? NO! Everytime I pass by Lonnie Ales’ house, I say, “That’s my rock!”

I have the most wonderful memories of that little group of girls – Angie, Mitzi, Suzanne. What’s wrong with student’s today? I’m glad I retired when I did, I don’t think that I could accept students who practice more on their iPhone than on the piano.

My great-great Nephew, Blake Willis, is home from the hospital since being involved in a serious wreck recently. Hang in there Blake, while you begin your therapy!

I hope all of you read Pam Brock’s story in last week’s Panolian. It was so well written. Her feelings about the newspaper are the same as mine. We are encouraged to go paperless, go paperless on your bills.

I like getting the bill in the mail.  I like looking at the charges for mistakes – and sometimes I find them too, like a $20  late fee on a 99 cent balance. I talked them out of it!

I hope you read Sherry Hopkins’ article also in last Friday’s Panolian on the death of her little daughter. It was also well written as usual. It’s hard to write emotions, it’s hard to convey how you feel deep down in your gut – at least it is for me.

Her article may have inspired me to share my tragedy, which occurred on Oct. 27, 1947, seventy-two years ago, and there is not a day that goes by that I do not relive that tragedy – iit also might promote healing.

This is the last weekend for the Pumpkin Patch at Franklin Farms on Dees Road – unless the popularity of the event encourages owner Todd Franklin to go maybe just one more weekend. Don’t risk it though in case the weather gets bad. Go this weekend. Go get gourds – go get Swan gourds, snake gourds, apple gourd – and display them with your fall decoration. Find Franklin Farms on Facebook.

Your story, your ideas for an article. Whether you agree or disagree, that’s what my article is about. YOU. Call Donna at  601-563-1742 or text 901-828-8824.