Two-sport athletes can thrive in both

Published 10:00 am Friday, May 18, 2018

Two-sport athletes can thrive in both

Ike House, Sports Reporter

There are a lot of athletes who are two-sport athletes. It is the sign of a good athlete who can juggle different jobs at once. I personally was a two-sport athlete running track and field and playing football.
I used track to get me faster for football so I am a strong believer that certain sports go together to make you a better athlete but sometimes you have to hang up one sport in order to thrive in another.
Some athletes are all-around athletes and play more than two sports and are always doing good.
The cons to participating in a sport in every season is that you have no time to become great. Sure athleticism may take you far but you have to perfect your craft outside of practice and game situations.
I personally think that you should play complementing sports and not sports that are going on at the same time.
I think if you play football you should run track to get your speed up and learn how to truly run.
Basketball goes with baseball because of the simple hand-eye coordination that goes with the two.
I am saying that to say this, there are very good athletes that become great in more than one sport with little time to work on their craft.
Becoming excellent in one sport is important because if you move on to the next level, you do not want to be behind the learning curve because you were moving from sport to sport never stopping to become the best possible athlete.
Bo Jackson was a freakish athlete who was great in two different sports. But how often do you see a Bo Jackson?
He is a unicorn and those are rare but you can perfect one thing and go on to learn the other sports later.
If you receive more looks at football, sit down, plan a path to get better in that sport and then find a way to get to where you need to be in the other sport so you can possibly go to college and be a two-sport athlete.
P.S.- High school athletes look for help outside of the school like college athletes or former stars to teach you what they have learned so you can find a way to not repeat their mistakes.

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