Local businesses include pets when passing out treats

Published 9:48 am Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Local businesses include pets when passing out treats

Joanne White, drive thru-teller at First Security Bank, helps a customer with business while Sadie anxiously awaits a “doggy treat” from the bank. Several local businesses offer treats for canine pets at their drive-thru windows now.
Photo by Ashley Crutcher

By Ashley Crutcher
For years businesses have been handing out candy to children who tag along with their parents.
Now many businesses are taking it a step further offering treats to their customer’s other babies – their furry ones.
Numerous businesses in Batesville provide dog treats to customers who come through the drive-thru with their canines.
Renasant Bank, Medicap Pharmacy and First Security Bank on Hwy. 51 North are among those businesses offering dog treats to canine pets.
Joanne White, a teller for First Security Bank purchases her own dog treats to hand out to her canine customers.
Medicap Pharmacy has handed out dog treats to customers for their fur babies for the past 15 years.
“The previous owner, Mrs. Patsy Keating, did it. We just always carried on the tradition. The dogs will come through the drive-thru and jump up in their owner’s lap because they know they’re fixing to get a treat,” said Todd Johnson, Medicap owner.
The pharmacy has about 10 or 12 customers that come through with their dogs on a regular basis, he said.
Renasant Bank has always offered the treats, however, the treats were shelved out of sight and tellers forgot to offer the treats until Heather Russell was hired on at the bank as a teller.
Four years later, Russell has become head teller and ensures all of her customer’s fur babies receive a treat, if the owners give approval.
“When I first started four years ago, they had the biscuits but weren’t giving them out,” she said.
As an avid dog lover, Russell began handing the treats out when a frequent customer, Margaret Eubanks, president of the Panola County Humane Society, stopped by with her dog “Tootie” who always tags along with her on her runs to the bank, and was offered a Milkbone.
“I thought it was awesome. I’m a big avid animal lover and for them to offer my dogs a treat shows great consideration of their customers and it’s a nice way to say ‘Thank you for your business,’” said Eubanks.
Eubanks began providing the Milkbones to the bank personally. “I appreciate it. It’s a great way to show their appreciation for their customers,” she said.
“Some dogs will sit and wait, because they know we’re fixing to send them a treat out,” said Russell.
The bank offers their treats to dogs of all sizes. “I’ve taken treats out to the vehicle so that I could love on them,” said Russell. “Everybody loves food. Big dogs in the back of trucks to little bitty dogs, we see them all.”
The treats have become so popular that customers are making their way through the lines and ensuring their dog gets the best customer service as well.
“The dog’s reaction to the treats is better than the kid’s reaction to the suckers,” said Russell.
“We love our customers and we love their dogs,” said Lisa Smith, branch manager. “Your animals are just as important as your kids. We give the kids a treat, we might as well give the dogs a treat.”

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