Panola County Sheriff Report

Published 9:45 am Friday, April 27, 2018

Panola County Sheriff’s Report

By Ashley Crutcher
Panola County Sheriff’s Department reported three juvenile incidents that landed the youths in serious trouble for possession of a stolen firearm, theft of deadly weapon and simple assault, all occurring in Como.
April 11
• Deputies Mark Allen and James Wheatley responded to Mimosa Rd. in response to an abandoned vehicle. According to the report, the property owners stated they believe some of the tools inside the truck were stolen. The property owner advised the truck was hidden behind a shed and contained two tool boxes with various tools. He said the suspect left the vehicle, walked up to the house, cut off his ankle bracelet and left before returning a second time with the tools. According to the report, the suspect placed the tools inside the truck and left again. The vehicle was towed from the property.
April 12
• Sarah resident reported to Deputy Harold Lewis her live-in boyfriend hit her in the head with a bottle. According to the report, the resident advised that the suspect had a knife and threatened to kill his baby in her stomach. There were no marks or bruises on the resident and the suspect voluntarily left the residence for the night.
• Southaven resident reported to Deputy Louise Linzy she arrived at the RV park to update the vehicle tag on her RV and while doing so she discovered that her window was broken, some electrical wiring had been cut, two batteries had been stolen and the carpet flooring had water damage.
• Old Panola Rd., Sardis resident reported to Investigator Danny Beavers a wrecker service was contacted to transport a black 1966 Dodge Polara, but never arrived with the vehicle. According to the report, the vehicle has been missing since Jan. and the wrecker service has not responded to the resident’s calls.
• Deputy Steven McLarty responded to Pine Lake Dr. for a report of a burglary where the resident reported approximately $2,140 worth of property was stolen from the residence. Investigator Tyler Mills was notified of the incident.
April 13
• Deputy Maurice Market responded to a shooting on Eureka Rd. where the victim and witness reported the suspect threatened to shoot the victim and proceeded to get a black .22 rifle and shot the victim in the right arm. According to the report, the suspect and victim were arguing over who called the police. The suspect and a second witness advised someone called the police on the suspect for shooting his gun on his own land. According to the report, the second witness stated the victim came onto the suspect’s property trying to fight and ran up on the suspect which is when the victim was shot. Deputy Maurice noticed several .22 shell castings in the roadway and the suspect was arrested and transported to the Panola County Jail.
• South Pocahantas St., Sardis resident reported to Deputy Terry Anderson when she walked outside she saw her neighbor choking her juvenile son. The resident advised she ran down to tell the suspect to release her son.
• Rudd Rd., Sardis resident reported to Deputy George Renfroe an individual jumped on her daughter. According to the report, she got out of the vehicle and yelled at the individual to get off her daughter when the individual walked over to her and kicked her in the stomach. LifeGuard responded to treat the resident’s injuries. The suspect left prior to the deputy’s arrival.
• Greenbriar Cir., Courtland resident reported to Deputy Tommy Crutcher she and her boyfriend were arguing at the Skyline Motel when he slapped her, spit in her face, and pulled her hair. The resident stated the two headed home towards Greenbriar Cir. and as they reached the resident the suspect choked her and stole $167 from her. Deputy Crutcher was unable to observe any marks or bruises on the resident. The resident advised she wanted to pursue charges.
• Deputy Tripp Williams responded to Central Academy Rd. for a report of a burglary where a Sardis Lake Dr. resident advised he left his white Dodge Durango parked at a residence on Central Academy. According to the report, the vehicle was broken into and a battery, CD player, tool bag, and voltage meter was stolen from the vehicle. The resident advised an individual might have taken the items. Deputy Williams spoke with the individual who advised another person stole the items and that the items were in a van the two of them were borrowing. Both individuals were arrested on unrelated charges. The CD player was found in the purse of the first individual. The individual advised the second person cut the truck battery and CD player and pulled it out of the vehicle.
April 14
• Greenhill Cir., Sardis resident reported that her father came into her residence and assaulted her. According to the report, the father assaulted her because the truck the resident gave him was towed with all of his belongings inside.
• W. Pearl St., Sardis resident reported an individual took her government phone out of her hand while she was talking on it and broke it. According to the report, the resident advised the suspect was angry because she was talking about leaving him.
April 15
• Vance St. resident reported to Deputy Renfroe she filed charges against another woman with BPD. She said her juvenile was at church when the suspect pulled her seven-year-old child off to the side and told her she was going to hurt her mother the next time she sees her.
• Rock Hill Rd., Sardis resident reported to Deputy Crutcher the suspect came over to spend the night and saw that the resident was talking to another person and became upset. According to the report, the resident asked the suspect to leave and the suspect began cutting a pair of jeans, scratched the hood of the resident’s car, and smashed the windshield with a brick. The resident advised the suspect then got into her sister’s car and ran into her vehicle causing damage. Damages are in excess of $1,000.
April 16
• A 15-year-old student reported to North Panola Junior High School Officials that her 14-year-old friend was raped by her uncle. According to the report, the juvenile has made several suicidal posts on Facebook. The student advised her friend had text her stating that her uncle is still raping her. The school obtained a copy of the texts. Deputies will conduct a forensic interview in the case.
• An anonymous caller contacted Child Protective Services and reported a seven-year-old disclosed to them that the suspect has been molesting her. The victim advised she kicks him and yells but it occurs at her home every time the suspect comes around.
• Investigator Terry Smith responded to Nash Rd. to serve a warrant on a suspect for failure to register as a sex offender and to question him about a domestic violence call they received on March 28. According to the report, Investigator Smith spoke with an individual who advised he was not the person the deputies were seeking. Deputies later determined the man was the suspect. According to the report, the suspect let two other individuals into the home and quickly shut the door. Investigator Smith knocked on the door a second time once back up arrived and ordered the suspect to come out of the residence. The suspect later came out of the residence and was taken into custody.
• Marilyn Cv., Sardis resident reported to Deputy Darryl House a man hit her in the head with his fist.
• Greenbriar Cir. resident reported to Deputy House that two suspects came into his yard and stated that they were going to kill him.
• Lt. Chuck Tucker was dispatched to Ramsey Cir. in reference to a disturbance. Upon arrival, the resident advised the suspect threatened to get a gun and return to her house. According to the report, the resident had asked the suspect to watch their daughter. Later, the suspect came to the address angry, and threw mud at the residence.
• Investigator Smith spoke with a Marshall Rd., Sardis resident who advised she was having a problem with a co-worker. According to the report, the resident received a card with the number 12 on it stating it stood for “the number of times per day someone wants to tell you to shut [expletive language] up.” The resident advised she is attempting to handle the situation at work but wanted the incident documented.
• Major Willie Harris spoke to a Eureka Rd., Courtland resident who reported the suspect came onto her property twice. According to the report, the suspect pulled a gun and refused to leave after being asked to do so. The resident advised the suspect continued onto the property and was shot in the arm.
• Deputy Allen responded to Burford Rd., Sarah where the resident advised she and her friend were outside when the suspect jumped out of the woods and threw a brick, striking the windshield of her friend’s car.
• Deputies Linzy and Tucker responded to Greenbriar Cir. where the resident reported he and his neighbor had a verbal altercation which led to other individuals getting involved. According to the report, the neighbor accused the resident of bursting the window out of his vehicle and later threatened to shoot him. The resident observed the neighbor and another individual drive by who were then stopped by the deputies. The driver consented to a search of the vehicle for a weapon’s check and located $210 of counterfeit money in the front armrest area of the vehicle and another $10 located in the door compartment. The driver advised he got the money from his cousin but stated he couldn’t remember the name. The driver was transported to the Panola County Sheriff’s Department for further investigation.
• Nelson Rd., Sardis resident reported to Investigator Beavers someone used her ID to get a loan in the amount of $3,800 without her permission.
• Nash Rd. resident reported to Investigator Smith she had ordered some items from Fingerhut but apparently the items were delivered to an alternate address. The resident advised Fingerhut required a police report. The items cost approximately $900.
April 18
• Senatobia resident reported to Investigator Bryan Arnold that her niece stated she was molested by her stepfather. According to the report, the incident occurred 15 years ago when her niece was nine-years-old. Investigator Arnold spoke with the victim who advised she wanted to see a counselor but did not want to pursue criminal charges until she spoke with a counselor.
• Child Protective Services advised Investigator Arnold of a report from a 14-year-old witness who stated her father touched her underage cousin in a sexual manner.
• Deputy Maurice Market responded to Bob Arnold Rd. in reference to a death. Upon arrival, Deputy Market located the resident laying face down in a puddle of blood. Investigator John Still was on the scene.
• Sleepy Creek Ln., Pope resident reported to Deputy Charles Cranford her son was angry and began screaming and cursing at her, then began throwing things at the residence. According to the report, the son grabbed the resident, choked her and left her in her car. The resident stated the suspect took her keys out of the car and threw them in the road. According to the report, the victim suffered bruising to the neck and cuts to the face.
• Joiner Rd. resident reported to Lt. Tucker she noticed her glove box open and a knife, two hats, iPad and $20 in cash missing.
• Liberty Hill Rd. resident reported to Lt. Bill Furniss he arrived home and noticed his door was slightly open. The resident advised he backed away and called 911. Lt. Furniss and Deputy Cranford cleared the residence and the resident advised nothing appeared to be missing. Lt. Furniss took pictures of the damages to the rear door and a footprint on the door. According to the report, damages are estimated to cost about $300.
• Enid Dam Rd., Pope resident reported to Investigator Beavers she and her brother inherited some land left by their father. According to the report, the brother now wants the land the resident owns and threatened to burn down their new house under construction if she does not swap properties.
April 19
• Deputy Eugene Flowers responded to Union Rd. where he observed a man changing a tire on a Ford SUV and a female who sat in the passenger seat. Deputy Flowers noticed the passenger was crying and asked her to step out of the vehicle to his police unit. The passenger advised she called 911 but the suspect took her phone and slapped her in the face. The passenger continued to state the suspect choked her and as she was trying to get away snatched her by the arm. The suspect was arrested and charged with domestic violence simple assault.
• Eureka Rd., Courtland resident reported to Deputy Flowers she was traveling South behind a gravel truck on Goodhope Rd. when a rock flew from the truck and struck her windshield.
• Greenbriar Cir. resident reported to Deputy Crutcher he was mowing grass and noticed three lawn mowers in his back yard that do not belong to him.
• Deputy Anderson responded to Sardis Lake Dr. where the resident reported she and the suspect had a disagreement and the suspect refused to leave.
• Shiloh Rd., Courtland resident reported to Investigator Edward Dickson that her stepbrother stays drunk all the time and is causing problems at the residence. The resident advised he has a very sick mom at the house and he wants his stepbrother to stay away.
• Deputy Allen responded to a burglary on Hwy. 315 South where the caller advised his wife’s house had been broken into and appeared to have had an individual staying in the residence. According to the report, the residents were missing approximately $1,550 worth of property.
• Katherine Dr., Sardis resident reported to Deputy Crutcher his neighbor threatened to kill him. According to the report, the neighbor was intoxicated and yelling out that he was going to kill the resident. The resident advised the suspect fell down in his yard and cut his arm and a female was taking him to the emergency room.
April 20
• Investigator Arnold received a report from CPS that a six-year-old female and eight-year-old male is being physically abused by their father. According to the report, the father chases the victims and shoots them with a BB gun. Forensic interviews have been scheduled.
• Shuford Rd., Courtland resident reported to Deputy Linzy that she and other family members have had verbal altercations regarding certain items. The resident stated approximately one week ago she arrived home to find her rear back door open and believes her aunt is responsible for the missing items.
• Deputy Linzy spoke with a Beechwood Dr., Como resident who reported he was riding with his trailer when he lost his trailer tag.
Motor Vehicle Accident Report
• April 14, vehicle rear-ended another on Hwy. 310.
• April 16, hit and run occurred on Mt. Olivet Rd.
• April 17, vehicle ran off road to avoid a deer. An injury was reported.
• April 17, vehicle abandoned on Compress and Hunter Chapel Rd.
• April 18, vehicle swerved to avoid a car and ran into a ditch on Hwy. 310.
• April 18, vehicle hit a horse on Smart Rd.
• April 19, vehicle hit a deer on Pope-Water Valley Rd.
• April 19, vehicle lost control on Old Panola. An injury was reported.

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