North Delta blows out St. Joe’s 14-4 at home

Published 10:15 am Tuesday, March 13, 2018

North Delta blows out St. Joe’s 14-4 at home

North Delta’s Hunter Hudson slides back into first base on a pick-off attempt by the St. Joe’s pitcher. The Green Wave prevailed 14-4.
The Panolian photo by Ike House

By Ike House
North Delta School got an impressive win against St. Joseph’s of Greenville Friday night. The Green Wave took control of the game early and never looked back.
North Delta 14 – St. Joe 4
St. Joe came out in the first inning looking like they were about to put up a good fight.
Coming out to start the game was Shawn Payne on the mound for the Green Wave.
His first two batters got on base the got home after an big hit that got their third batter to second and the two on to get home.
The fourth batter hit a hopper that got him to first but the runner from second collected the first out for St. Joe.
They had some success getting home but after switching pitchers to Tyler Holland, the Green Wave finished the inning down 3-0 after being in trouble to start the game.
In the bottom of the first the Green Wave scored quickly as the St. Joe field play did not match their success in the batter’s box.
Leading off was Brayden Locke who has had success this season batting first in the line-up
The senior centerfielder got on base after being up 3-1. Luke Noah was second but his first pitch was painful as he was put on base after being hit by the ball.
With two on base, Tyler Holland was deterimed to get two points on the board and he did so with a big hit that got him a triple.
After the big triple and a runner on third Lige Simmerman got Holland home after being to put one in the outfield between right and center.
The Green Wave tied up the game within their first four batters just as St. Joe did but the Green Wave kept going as they got Simmerman and Jack Ray home to put them up 5-3 going into the top of the second.
Holland had some success on the mound in the second inning with two strikeouts and no hits in the inning.
With the Green Wave coming out in the bottom of the inning, they were able to break St. Joe’s will in the game.
The Green Wave went on to score nine runs in the second to put them up 14-3 going into the third inning where game could have ended if St. Joe could not stop the Green Wave.
The next two innings were quick for both teams with six straight strick outs for both teams.
In the fifth, the game was on the line once more with the game at risk of being called because of the mercy rule.
Their lead off batter got home after stealing second and third and a sac fly to put one point on the board.
Holland made sure that there was no chance of a comeback after he struck out two of the next four batters to put the game in the bag for the Green Wave.
Tyler Holland was the player of the game with a triple, two singles and 11 strikeouts on the mound.
Brayden Locke, Luke Noah, Lige Simmerman and Jack Ray all finished the game with two singles and two runs.
The Green Wave will play again Saturday when they travel to Winona to face Winona and Ethel.

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