It’s Friday

Stay busy on rainy days

Rain, rain, go away…. please. Goodness, the rainiest February on record.
Luckily, we’ve not had any flooding at our house, we’re on high ground. Some streets and neighborhoods in Jackson did flood, schools were canceled one day, and there were some flooded areas in the Tennessee River basin.
I so don’t like to get out in the pouring down rain if I can keep from it and if the weatherman warns us to stay off the roads. DW usually reminds me that my windshield wipers do work. (See roll-eyes emoji.)
Being snowed in for a week or so wasn’t so bad. I had things to do and plenty of groceries and it was rather novel to be snowed in the first winter in our Tennessee house. But after a month of rain I’ve had time to think about this. There might not be rain in the forecast for today, but winter’s not over, and spring rains probably haven’t started. I’m predicting there’s more rain in our future, so I’m going to be prepared when the rains set in again with a to-do list.
Since experience is the best teacher, first what not to do on a rainy day: sit too long in any one place because that’s not healthy for mind or body; get depressed because of the gray skies and lack of sunshine – no one on earth nor in heaven wants that; eat too much which is never a good response to anything; nor binge-watch television all day which can result in all the above.
To-dos. First, I will make a list of things to get done on that rainy day. A written list keeps me on track and seems to make my to-dos more binding and puts the not-done items right in my face.
Then, I’ll have a cup of coffee, maybe a pot, and enjoy listening to the rain on the roof. And maybe I’ll let myself get back in bed with my coffee to contemplate the items on my list. But for not too long…
Then, I’ll fix something that needs to be and that I’ve been putting off. Sew on a button, hem a pair of DW’s khakis, glue something back together, or repair a broken necklace maybe.
I’ll find something that’s been misplaced like a single favorite earring, DW’s favorite pen that I borrowed and evidently lost, a couple of odd socks, my umbrella in case I decide to make a run for it, or Mack’s favorite little (tiny actually) plastic archery man that’s lost in the play room.
I’ll unpack another box. Another week of rain and I should be done with that, thankfully.
I’ll set house plants outside for a shower and a drink of rainwater (if the temperature allows). They’ll enjoy the rain.
I’ll stay weather alert. My trusty, scared-of-thunderstorms old dog might need to come in.
He’s my buddy, rain or shine.
I’ll organize that last drawer in the kitchen. I just can’t seem to figure out the best way to arrange all those kitchen tools. The drawer is deep and I’ve probably put too much in there. This might require a little more contemplation time before I can check this one off.
I’ll do some cell phone housekeeping. Delete, store, delete, organize, delete, share, discard, etc., etc.
I’ll make another pot of coffee and call my momma.
(Maybe) I’ll re-organize my old photos and family pictures. Or not. One more rainy day’s not going to get it. Maybe I’ll wait on another snow storm.
And, I’ll make a list for DW too. He can decide where to site his garden. Because of all the rain we see where water stands in the back yard and where not to put it. Then he can start seed shopping.
I’ll do my chores: laundry and ironing. I don’t like to iron on any day but I do like to watch it rain out the window while listening to the radio, so why not iron. That would mean no ironing needed on the next sunny day!
OR, I’ll put my rubber boots on, find that umbrella, and go somewhere if okay with the weatherman. My windshield wipers do work.

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