Two men are alleged to be contributing to the delinquency of a minor

Published 11:11 am Friday, February 9, 2018

Two men are alleged to be contributing to the delinquency of a minor

By Ashley Crutcher
Tom Floyd Rd. resident reported to Investigator Arnold that two individuals, 32 and 36-year-olds, are having an unhealthy, possibly sexual, relationship with her 15 and 17-year-old daughters.
According to the report, the 32-year-old suspect has bought her 15-year-old daughter a phone so he can call her. The resident advised the 17-year-old daughter became upset with her sister and reported the 32-year-old suspect and 15-year-old have a sexual relationship.
The resident has requested a restraining order against the two suspects and is filing charges against the two for contributing to the delinquency of a minor.
The Panola County Sheriff’s Department received approximately 25 calls for service from Panola County residents requesting the assistance of Panola County Deputies from January 23 to February 1.

January 23
• Deputy Steven McLarty responded to Dogwood Dr. where the resident reported he purchased a massage chair online and was advised by UPS that the chair had been delivered on January 4.
According to the report, the resident never received the chair. UPS contacted the resident and advised the driver delivered the item and it was signed for by a female.
• Heafner Rd. resident reported to Deputy McLarty that his home is under construction and advised someone took out his bedroom window and entered his home. According to the report, several items were missing from the residence.
January 25
• New Albany resident reported to Deputy Louise Linzy he owns rental property on Ramsey Circle and advised he was missing a generator worth approximately $350.

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January 26
• Coles Point Rd. resident reported to Deputy Steven Moore he was looking for his dog and had an altercation with his neighbor’s granddaughter. According to the report, the resident advised the granddaughter slapped him and tried to punch him.
The resident stated he grabbed her wrist in an attempt to restrain her. Deputy Moore spoke with the granddaughter who advised she was outside looking for a kitten when the resident came onto her property.
The granddaughter stated she told the resident that he was acting childish by revving up his truck and advised she then told the resident to get off of her property. According to the report, the granddaughter stated the resident pushed her, then she slapped him.
The granddaughter advised the suspect grabbed her wrists and she slapped him again. The granddaughter’s mother then came outside and advised she was going to call the police.
The granddaughter advised she wished to press charges. According to the report, the granddaughter had no visible marks on her.
• Woodruff Rd. resident reported to Deputy Jeremy Hailey someone pulled into her driveway behind her vehicle and cut donuts in the driveway and then left.
• Eureka Rd., Courtland resident reported to Deputy McLarty he had two pit-bull puppies that he had walking around outside. The resident stated he left and when he returned the dogs were gone.
The resident advised he sells the dogs for $500 each and believes the dogs were stolen.

January 27
• Deputy Hailey spoke to a Rockhill Rd., Sardis resident who stated he noticed tractor tacks in his yard which lead to his shop area. The resident advised he noticed motors and transmissions missing.
According to the report, the resident checked his security cameras and saw a blue Dodge Durango with a trailer load the missing items. The items missing are worth approximately $1, 900.
• Walnut Rd., Sardis resident reported to Deputy Harold Lewis some individuals came onto his property and stole two batties off of a John Deere tractor. According to the report, the batties are sprayed with orange spray paint with the letters GSF.

Janaury 28
• Henderson Rd. resident reported to Deputy Hailey an individual called her phone several times from a private number and stated, “I’m going to kill you b****, you better not come home.” The resident advised the suspect also threatened to burn the house down.
• Deputy McLarty spoke to a Main St., Pope resident who reported finding her garage door open. Deputy McLarty observed the deadbolt lock unlocked. The resident advised nothing appeared to be missing.
• Murphey Ridge Rd. resident reported to Deputy Eugene Flowers she was at Terza One Stop when an individual came into the store and asked her for change for a $100 bill. The resident advised she gave the suspect five $20 bills.
According to the report, the resident looked at the $100 bill and noticed the word copy on it. The resident stated she attempted to stop the suspect but advised he fled in a black Impala down Good Hope Rd.
According to the report, the resident pursued the suspect who turned right onto Eureka. The resident advised she did not know that Good Hope Rd. ended at that spot and slid into the ditch.
Deputy Flowers noticed it appeared as if the resident struck the windshield when she crashed. The resident advised she did not need medical attention and stated she did not want an accident report.

January 29
• Investigator Terry Smith responded to North Panola Junior High where an instructor advised she received a text message from an unknown number stating, “B**** I am going to blow up the school.” According to the report, a physical search of the school was conducted and no items of interest were located. Investigator Smith checked the number and found that it was issued with an internet company called “”.
According to the report, Investigator Smith will subpoena the company for the person who established that number.
• Pine Lake Dr. South resident reported to Investigator Bryan Arnold his six-year-old son advised him that his mother and half-brother have been physically abusing him.
According to the report, the son stated his mom beat him and slapped him and his half-brother has been twisting his arms behind his back hurting him.
• Collierville resident reported to Deputy Hailey he left his Chrysler 300 parked on Section Line Rd. while he was out of town and advised the car was missing when he returned. According to the report, all of the information given by the resident in his voluntary statement was not valid.
• Deputy Renfroe spoke to a Rollins Dr. resident who reported someone stole about 80 feet of copper wire which was used to hook up RV’s.
• Crouch Rd. resident reported his ex-girlfriend stole some checks from his residence and has begun cashing the checks.
The resident was advised to find out all of the places that cashed the checks and file papers through that agency. According to the report, the suspect has taken $3,390.23 from the resident.
• Abram Rd., Como resident reported to Deputy Willie Harris someone vandalized his vehicle. The resident advised he was driving on Abram Rd. when he saw the suspect in his yard with a tire iron in her hand hitting his front windshield.

January 30
• Deputy Renfroe spoke to a HWY 51 South resident who reported a possible child abuse case.
• Deputy Renfroe responded to Ballentine Rd., Sardis, for a reported of a disturbance between the resident’s two sons. Upon arrival, the resident advised her 17-year-old had left but the 18-year-old was still in the bedroom.
Deputy Renfroe made contact with the suspect who was “very agitated and uncooperative.” The suspect was taken into custody and transported to the Panola County Sheriff’s Office.
• Investigator Tyler Mills responded to Simon Chapel Rd., Como where the resident reported her grandson was high on drugs and causing a disturbance.
According to the report, the resident advised he had to pick up the suspect from Wal-mart because he was acting up and stated the suspect went and got a gun when they arrived home stating he was going to shoot the people that had been following him. The suspect was transported to Panola County Jail and charged with disturbance of a family.
Deputy Renfroe spoke with an Edwards St., Batesville resident who reported he was on Greg Taylor Rd. when the suspect assaulted him with a black handle steak knife by cutting his right arm and the top of his head.
• Home Place Rd. resident reported to Investigator Smith regarding a burglary.
According to the report, it appears that two suspects dressed in jackets, hats and bandanas entered through an open door and stole a money box containing approximately $600.
Video footage revealed that both suspects knew the layout of the building and exactly where to find the cash box.

February 1
• Bell Rd. resident reported to Lt. Chuck Tucker he had two suspects on video coming into his yard and taking a battery off his tractor along with some wire and put it in the woods behind his house.
The resident advised he was able to recover the battery and some of the wire but several pounds of wire are still missing. According to the report, the resident is missing approximately $1,400 worth of wire.
• Investigator Smith spoke to an Oxford resident who reported he left his wallet at a gas station after paying for his goods.
According to the report, the resident returned to the store but the clerk advised she did not know where the wallet was. The resident advised the wallet contained a $100 bill, credit cards, company gas card and other things.