Sheriff’s Report: Deputies respond to shooting on Banger Rd.

Published 9:35 am Friday, February 2, 2018

Sheriff’s Report: Deputies respond to shooting on Banger Rd.

By Ashley Crutcher
Deputies responded to a shooting on Banger Rd. in Sarah on January 21 where the resident ran outside with his AR-15 automatic assault rifle and began shooting at a black Hyundai vehicle, which the resident advised was driven by the suspect accused of commiting statutory rape against the resident’s daughter.
According to the report, the resident’s daughter was playing outside when all of a sudden the resident heard her scream “I see him” and ran outside with his AR-15 and began shooting. The resident reported to Panola Dispatch that the individuals in the vehicle suffered from gunshot wounds.
The resident explained he felt threatened and fearful by the suspect continuously driving by and slowing down near his home.
The resident advised these incidents have re-created fear within his daughter and stated he wanted to protect his family. According to the report, Deputy Linzy located approximately 19 shell casings.
On December 14, Investigator Bryan Arnold was contacted by Deputy Stevie Webb who reported inappropriate messages being sent between a teacher and two juvenile students. According to the report, the two students had both been receiving messages through electronic means from the teacher.
Deputy Arnold received an anonymous report stating that a 14-year-old revealed that her step-father has touched her in a sexual manner and that her mother has struck her in the face. A forensic interview was scheduled.
Pope-Water Valley Rd., Courtland resident reported to Deputy Steven McLarty he returned home to find his back door kicked in. The resident advised his home was ransacked. Lt. Edward Dickson responded to the scene and took pictures of the scene.
A 12-year-old juvenile found himself in a bind for an alleged sexual assault on Pope-Water Valley Rd.
The Panola County Sheriff’s Department received approximately 35 calls from Panola County residents requesting the assistance of Panola County Deputies from January 16 to January 25.
January 16
• Sees Chapel Rd., Sarah resident reported to Deputy Louise Linzy the suspect has continuously harassed them by calling the house and causing a disturbance.
According to the report, the suspect is said to consume a high volume of alcohol, becomes very drunk and agitated, and continuously calls the residence wanting to speak with his elderly mom.
The resident advised this situation upsets the suspects mother. The resident stated she believes the suspect needs to be in treatment for his actions, but he refuses to go.
January 19
• Curtis Rd. resident reported to Investigator Terry Smith he went riding around Christmas time with a friend and stated he was carrying his AK47 with him for his safety. According to the report, the resident advised when his friend dropped him off he forgot to get his gun and stated his friend, who is believed to be a convicted felon, refuses to give it back to him.
• Banger Rd., Sarah resident reported to Deputy Jeff Still a black four door car drove by his house, turned around and drove back by. The resident and two witnesses stated they saw the individual driving the vehicle.
• Deputy Linzy responded to Hadorn Rd. where the residents reported finding their 2015 KIA vandalized with white writing on the rear passenger side window and advised the rear right tire was flat. The resident advised he believes his ex-wife may have been involved.
• Sanders Rd., Sardis resident reported to Deputy Linzy he noticed his dog was nowhere to be found and was told by a friend that his neighbor stated he was going to kill the dog. The dog is described as a male German Shepherd and Labrador mix, black and tan in color and is wearing an orange collar.
According to the report, the resident advised his neighbor has killed several dogs in the area.
January 20
• Deputy Tripp Williams responded to Rocky Creek Hunting Club in reference to a burglary. According to the report, an individual arrived at the hunting cabin and noticed the back door open and the lock boxes broken.
The individual advised approximately $250 in cash was stolen from the lock boxes.
• Hubbard Rd., Pope resident reported to Deputy Linzy he and his wife stopped by to check their place of business on Hwy. 6 East and discovered someone had stolen some scrap metal and a single seat aluminum boat.
According to the report, the suspect(s) made entry by driving around the secured gate.
• Deputy Eugene Flowers responded to Hwy. 51 North to assist a Como unit on an incident when a male advised he met up with a female he met on Facebook and stated the two of them were sitting in the car when an unidentified man aproached his vehicle on the passenger side, where the female was sitting, and began to hit his window.
According to the report, the individual observed a gun but was unable to describe it. The individual stated he sped out of the yard and as he was driving down Ross Rd. the female jumped from the vehicle. He then began to hear gunshots, according to the report. The individual advised he believes his phone was stolen during the incident.
• Hentz Rd. resident reported to Deputy Darryl House his vehicle caught fire.
• Ford Rd., Batesville resident reported to Lt. Chuck Tucker he and his wife have been separated and working on a divorce. According to the report, the resident advised his wife had some things stored in an old car and attempted to retreive the items along with two other individuals who began threatening the resident.
The resident advised he closed and locked the front door and advised one of the suspects began kicking his door and damaged it.
• Dawn Cove, Courtland resident reported to Major Willie Harris she had two checks for a total of $3,948 which she took to her bank and was advised that the checks were no good.
According to the report, the resident was selling an item online and the suspect sent the bad checks.

January 21
• Deputy Linzy responded to Sees Chapel Rd. in reference to an assault. Upon arrival, Deputy Linzy located the front entrance door to the residence opened a a dog barking. Deputy Linzy advised dispatch no one was responding to the door and advised dispatch to notify the resident of his presence. Panola Dispatch was unable to make contact with the residence. Approximately two hours later, dispatch received a call from one of the residents requesting medical assistance for his wife. The resident was transported to Panola Medical for further treatment. According to the report, the resident advised she and her husband got into a verbal altercation regarding his alcohol consumption when he became angry and hostile and began shoving and hitting her in the face causing bleeding, bruising, swelling and minor abrassions. The resident also complained of pains in the lower abdomen and stomach. The resident was admitted to the hospital for further treatment and observation. Deputy Linzy was unable to make contace with the husband.
• Deputy George Renfroe responded to Hwy 6 West due to a runaway child and spoke with the resident who advised her daughter had an altercation in which the child was allowed to leave to go stay with a friend in Lambert. According to the report, the resident advised her daughter called her on Sunday and told her she was coming to get her clothes. The resident stated her daughter was advised to come home but the daughter replied “F*** you!”
January 22
• Pope-Water Valley Rd. resident reported to Investigator Smith she is attempting to obtain custody of her children who currently live with their grandparents in Jackson. The resident advised she is concerned because her daughter has made remarks to her about having a secret with her grandfather but won’t tell her about it. The resident stated she is worried that something of a sexual nature may be occuring to her daughter. Investigator Smith advised the resident to pursue this complaint with the Hinds County Police.
January 23
• Hwy. 51 South, Courtland resident reported to Lt. Tucker his wallet was stolen. The resident advised his nephew was asleep on the couch while he was looking for the TV remote and picked up his nephews pants when his social security card and debit card, which were inside the resident’s wallet, fell out of his nephew’s pants pocket. The nephew was transported to Panola County Sheriff’s Department and charged with petit larceny.
• Fredrick Cove., Courtland resident reported to Investigator Danny Beavers an individual gave him a check in the amount of $3,628.20 from Orion Bank of Memphis. The resident advised he attemted to cash the check and was told that the check was fraudulent.
• Seven Rd. residents reported to Deputy House that an unknown subject came to her residence and cut the tires on their vehicles. According to the report, the suspect also stole $30 in cash and vandalized the inside of one vehicle. The resident advised the suspect has been sending letters to her residence.
January 24
• Deputy Williams spoke to a Cliff Finch Rd. resident who advised the meter and propane tank were mising from his property. The resident contacted Scott Petroleum and TVEPA and was advised they did not get the propane tank or the meter. According to the report, there were no signs of forced entry.
• Woodruff Rd. resident reported to Investigator Beavers that his ex-wife has been threatening to do bodily harm to him. According to the report, the suspect has been driving back and forth in front of his residence, throwing trash in his yard, sending messages on Facebook, slandering his name and also causing him to lose his job.
January 25
Atkins St., Sardis resident reported to Deputy Renfroe that her “babby daddy” pointed a gun at her and shot at her. According to the report, the resident stated the suspect shot into the air. The suspect consented to a search of his apartment and no gun was located. Investigator Arnold took a GSR kit to have tested. The resident was advised to come sign charges.
Motor Vehicle Incident Report
• January 16, vehicle hit a deer on River Rd.
• January 17, Hit and run occured on Dummyline Rd.
• January 18, car hit a patch of ice and lost control on Sardis Lake Dr.
• January 20, vehicle sideswiped another on Hwy. 6
• January 20, vehicle struck a Sheriff’s Deputy Unit.
• January 21, vehicle struck a deer on Pope-Crowder Rd.
• January 21, car accident occured due to medical issues. Injuries were reported.
• January 21, vehicle struck a deer on Old Panola Rd.
• January 23, vehicle ran into a ditch on Sander’s Rd.
• Janaury 23, vehicle hit a deer on Chapel Hill Rd.
• January 24, vehicle struck a tree on Barnacre Rd.
• January 24, vehicle struck a tree and an abandoned vehicle on Cotton Plant Rd.
• January 24, vehicle hit a deer on Hwy. 315.
• January 25, vehicle hit a deer on Curtis Rd.

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