Fleeing suspect said, “ I knew I was going to jail anyways”

Published 10:31 am Friday, January 19, 2018

Fleeing suspect said, “ I knew I was going to jail anyways”

By Ashley Crutcher
On January 9, Deputy Steven Moore began pursuit on I-55 of a stolen red Jeep Cherokee that briefly stopped for the blue lights at the south bound Como exit before continuing to flee East bound on Hwy. 310.
Deputy Moore was sitting in an emergency turn around on I-55, north of Como when he noticed the stolen vehicle traveling south on I-55 at a low rate of speed. According to the report, Deputy Moore began pursuit of the vehicle and the suspect exited I-55 at Como and pulled to the side of the road.
Deputy Moore held his flashlight out of the window and pointed it to the vehicle which then accelerated quickly and turned East on Hwy. 310. Upon approaching Hunter Chapel Rd., Deputy Moore observed a bag come out of the driver’s window of the vehicle and observed a second bag come from the vehicle near Fredonia Rd.
The pursuit continued through Lafayette County into Marshall County. According to the report, the suspect turned South upon reaching Hwy. 7 and re-entered Lafayette County where Lafayette County Deputies made attempts to stop the vehicle.
The pursuit continued onto County Road 201 through the City of Abbeville and back onto Hwy. 7 south. The pursuit circled back to Oxford and Oxford Police Officers attempted to stop the vehicle but were unsuccessful.
According to the report, the suspect began accelerating to speeds over 80 MPH and was weaving in and out of other traffic. Lafayette County Deputy Will Tidwell passed in front of the suspect and forced him to slow down to around 20 MPH.
Deputy Tidwell changed lanes in front of the suspect and was struck in the fender area of his unit by the suspect, which brought the vehicle pursuit to an end in front of the Chevron gas station. According to the report, the suspect continued to flee towards the tree line as Deputy Moore pursued on foot.
Deputy Moore managed to apprehend the suspect without further incident. According to the report, the suspect advised he fled from deputies because he was high and he knew he was going to jail anyways.
Deputy Moore began conducting a search of the vehicle and found a flat screen tv, two space heaters, and multiple tool boxes containing tools. According to the report, deputies also located a small scale, a pipe that is used to smoke methamphetamine and two boxes of ammo.
The suspect was transported to the Panola County Jail where he was charged with grand larceny, felony fleeing, DUI, no driver’s license, no proof of liability insurance, improper equipment, reckless driving, littering and no seatbelt.
Deputy Moore responded to the impound lot to conduct a more thorough investigation which led to the recovery of a loaded syringe and an unopened pack of soboxone strips.
Lafayette County advised they would be in contact regarding their charges at a later time.
The Panola County Sheriff’s Department received 28 calls from Panola County residents requesting assistance from Panola County Deputies from January 2 to January 9.

January 2
• Deputy Louise Linzy spoke to a Waldrup Rd. resident who reported a friend of his 14-year-old step-daughter advised his step-daughter was sexually assaulted by a 22-year-old suspect.
• Gleaton Rd. resident reported to Deputy Darryl House an individual came to her residence and broke her a window out of her home and her vehicle. According to the report, the resident advised the suspect also poured lighter fluid on her front step and her son’s dog.

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January 5
• Deputy Linzy responded to Atkins St. where the resident reported in December she was speaking to someone regarding the sale of her boyfriend’s vehicle and gave the individual her telephone number so that the individual could reach her regarding the vehicle.
The resident stated she believes another individual who was standing beside her heard her give her telephone number and memorized it.
According to the report, the resident began receiving messages from a male subject through text message and on facebook. The resident stated she advised the suspect she did not want to date him.
According to the report, the suspect came to the resident’s home impersonating an insurance agent. The resident advised the subject to leave and not return.
• Cotton Plant Rd. resident reported to Deputy Linzy that he received an identity theft notice related to employment from the Department of Treasury.
The resident stated he is unaware who has attempted to use his social security number to gain employment. The resident advised he has been unemployed for approximately 12-15 years.
• Gleaton Rd. resident reported to Lt. Emily Griffrin his residence was broken into. The suspect previously questioned the resident regarding the whereabouts of her keys.
The resident stated he told her he did not have them but advised the suspect continued to harass him. The resident advised the suspect video called him while he was at work one day and stated he heard glass break in the background.
The resident returned home to find the back window of his Chevy broken, his dog house kicked over, lighter fluid poured all over his front steps and his door kicked in.

January 6
• Deputy Eugene Flowers responded to Hammond Hill Rd. for a 911 hang up. Deputy Flowers was notified that the caller was at a residence on Connie Ross Rd.
Upon arrival, the resident advised she was driving down Hammond Hill Rd. when a brown car cut her off and a male jumped out and began shooting in the air.
According to the report, the resident put her car in reverse and backed down the road. The resident stated the suspect jumped back into his car and sped off along with a truck.
• Deputy Linzy spoke to an Oxford resident who advised she spoke to an individual about removing a washer and dryer set from her uncle’s residence to another resident for storage.
The resident stated she has been trying to contact the suspect but advised he has not responded. Deputy Linzy contacted the suspect who stated he advised the resident that he could not remove the property. However, a witness reported seeing the suspect taking the property and placing it onto a truck.
• Glenn Rd., Pope resident reported to Deputy Linzy a female individual arrived at his residence screaming, “I know you have my keys and I’m going to destroy some more things in the yard.”
The resident advised he called the Panola County Sheriff’s Department to report the suspect for trying to set his house on fire. According to the report, the individual broke the front bedroom window of his residence and the rear window of his 1997 Chevy.
• Deputy Flowers spoke to a Hwy 35, Sardis resident who reported she went through her daughter’s phone and found deleted photos of her seven-year-old daughter with her pants pulled down.
The resident advised she asked her daughter about the pictures and her daughter stated her 14-year-old stepson has been touching her private area and has made her do the same to him.
The resident contacted DHS who advised her to get the law involved. According to the report, the children are staying with their biological father until the matter is resolved.

January 7
• Hernando resident reported to Deputy Louise Linzy he arrived at the property on Hwy 6 West and noticed the lock was broken off and on the ground and the gate was bent. According to the report, there was a possible grass fire on the property due to burn damages.
January 8
• Deputy Darryl House responded to Connie Ross Rd., Courtland in response to a burglary where the resident reported approximately $8,210 worth of property to be missing from the residence.
According to the report, the residents were away when an unknown subject entered the residence by prying the front door open.
• Deputy Steven Moore responded to a disturbance of a business on Hentz Rd., Pope, where an individual advised he had just finished repairing a vehicle when another male entered the store and began punching him.
The complainant allowed Deputy Moore to view the security footage and observed the suspect punching the victim. Deputy Moore noted the suspect had a handgun holstered on his right hip.
According to the report, the suspect knocked over some cigars during the altercation and handed the store clerk a $20 bill stating, “I hope this will cover all of the damages.”
The victim did not wait for deputies to file a report. The store owner advised he was out of town and stated he would give a written statement upon his return.
• Nash Rd. resident reported to Lt. Chuck Tucker she received a call from her son who stated a wrecker came to her residence and took her truck. The resident contacted the finance company who advised they had not repossessed the vehicle.
• McNeely Rd., Courtland resident reported to Lt. Chuck Tucker he walked outside and his cousin stole a bottle of Patron and left the residence.
• Barnacre Rd., Sardis resident reported to Deputy Jeremy Hailey two subjects were in her yard harassing her. Upon the deputies arrival, the resident advised she wanted to press charges on the father of her child and the two subjects in her yard, who are related to the child’s father, according to the report.
• Investigator Terry Smith responded to Dummy Line Rd. where two individuals were in a verbal altercation about an upcoming felony case. Both suspects were arrested and charged with disturbance of a family.
• Curtis Rd. resident reported to Investigator Danny Beavers that her husband’s girlfriend is sending her text messages threatening to do bodily harm.
• Gleaton Rd., Pope resident reported to Deputy House that an individual poured gas on her son’s dog and tried to set it on fire.

January 9
• Investigator Beavers spoke to a Water Valley resident who advised an individual began driving his vehicle because he had been drinking. The resident advised he got out of the vehicle in Cole’s Point and stated the last thing he heard were the two individuals in the vehicle stating they were en route to Kentucky.
• Woodruff Rd. resident reported to Deputy House an individual was walking toward her house as she drove by and the individual threw a rock and busted the front windshield out of her vehicle.

Motor Vehicle Accident Report
• January 6, vehicle struck a deer on Mt.  Level Rd.
• January 6, vehicle backed into another on Hwy 310
• January 7, vehicle hit a deer on Pope Crowder Rd.
• January 7, vehicle lost control and hit a deer on Pope-Crowder Rd.
• January 9, vehicle swerved to miss a deer on Terza Rd.
• January 10, vehicle backed into another in a private parking lot.
• January 11, vehicle ran off road and overturned into a ditch on Terza Rd. An injury was reported.