Sheriff’s report: Deputy responds to call, finds man shot

Published 5:00 am Friday, November 24, 2017

Sheriff’s report: Deputy responds to call, finds man shot

By Ashley Crutcher
Investigator Tyler Mills responded to Seven Rd. for a report of shots fired where an individual had been shot in the chest.
Upon arrival, Investigator Mills spoke with the individual sitting on the side porch with a single gunshot wound to the left chest area when the individual advised he shot himself.
Investigator Mills stayed with the individual until LifeGuard arrived on the scene. Residents were questioned about the gun that was used in the incident and Investigator Mills was able to secure the Rohm .38.
According to the report, the residents advised the individual pulled into the driveway and they heard a gunshot and found the individual laying by the porch.
The residents stated they helped the individual onto the porch and called 911.
According to the report, the residents found the weapon laying in the driveway. According to the report, Investigator Mills noticed an open beer in the console of the vehicle with two unopen cans of beer in the passenger side floorboard. The individual was transportedby AirEvac to the Med in Memphis.
Eureka Rd. resident reported to Deputy Steven Moore she used to be in a relationship with a juvenile’s father and advised the juvenile came looking for her because he was being abused and neglected.
According to the report, the resident stated the mother hit him with a belt in the back, the mother and two sons are homeless and live in a car.
The resident continued to state the individuals have to go to Sardis Lake bathrooms to take baths and expressed her concern about it being cold at night. Deputy Moore contacted the grandmother who advised the juvenile could come stay with her.
The Panola County Sheriff’s Department received 46 calls from Panola County residents requesting the assistance of Sheriff Deputies from November 7 to November 16.

November 7
• HWY 35 South resident reported he and his son were walking in the woods and upon returning to his vehicle the resident was notified by a witness that two subjects had taken a chainsaw from the resident’s vehicle and had thrown the chainsaw in a gully before running into the woods.
The chainsaw was recoved along with a gas container and pair of Nike flip flops that are believed to be one of the suspects’. The investigation is ongoing.
• Cambridge resident reported to Investigator Terry Smith that his son had pawned the resident’s 16-foot trailer at Motorpool Pawn in Coldwater, unbeknownst to the resident.
After the son confessed, the resident contacted personnel at the pawn shop but they refused to confirm if they had the trailer. The resident has the pawn ticket.
• Jones St., Courtland resident reported to Deputy Seth Cook there were four dogs running loose on his property that belong to neighbors. According to the report, the dogs have killed two of the resident’s kittens and attacked the resident.

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November 9
• Deputy Moore responded to North Oak Hospital in Senatobia in reference to an assault. Upon arrival, Deputy Moore spoke with the victim who advised he was walking west on Compress Rd. near HWY 51 when he was hit from behind in the jaw.
The victim continued to state three unknown black males assaulted him. According to the report, the victim had severe swelling to the right side of his face and multiple bruises covering his entire back. Photographs were taken of the victim’s injuries. The incident is under further investigation.

November 10
• Leslie Rd., Pope resident reported to Deputy George Renfroe an individual contacted her, hysterically stating she doesn’t have a phone, know where her car is or even where she is and hung up.
The resident received a call from another individual advising the resident his wife is with the individual and that the individual’s car had a flat tire on HWY 322. According to the report, the individual’s stepfather went and met her at the vehicle.
• Greenbriar Circle resident reported to Deputy Cook she moved from Patton Ln. because the suspect was following her.
According to the report, the suspect is now hanging out with the resident’s neighbors.
The resident advised she is trying to get away from the suspect but the suspect is there every time she looks up, according to the report.
• Pope-Water Valley Rd. resident reported to Deputy Cook an individual came to her house asking for a sandwich and her brother told him no because the individual owed him.
According to the report, the two got into a verbal argument and the brother told the individual to leave. The resident advised the individual got into his vehicle and picked up a .22 rifle and pointed it at them as he was backing out of the driveway and then fired.
The resident stated the individual was not pointing the gun at them when the weapon was discharged.

November 11
• Deputy Steven Moore responded to HWY 278 West in reference to a domestic disturbance. The victim advised her boyfriend hit her in the face with a closed fist and had visible swelling to the left side of her cheek and bruising around the left eye.
Deputy Moore noticed a strong smell of an intoxicating beverage coming from the victim. Deputy Moore talked with the boyfriend who advised the two had a verbal disagreement and that the victim fell due to her being intoxicated.
The boyfriend stated the buising and swelling must be due to the victim falling and hitting her eye on the counter, according to the report. The victim was advised to go to Justice Court if she wanted to file charges.
• Deputy Jeff Still spoke to an Anthony Rd., Pope resident at Loves Truck Stop who reported his ex-boss sent him messages saying when he came home he was going to kill him.
The resident also stated the suspect sent pictures of the resident’s home as if he was waiting on him to return to do bodily harm.
• Flowers Rd., Pope resident reported to Deputy Cook she checked her credit report and noticed three credit cards in her name that she never applied for.
• Deputy Cook spoke to a King Rd., Sardis resident who reported an unkown individual withdrew $500 from his bank account from an ATM in Tupelo and withdrew another $500 on November 8.
According to the report, the resident had his debit card at the time of the transactions.
• Deputy Moore was dispatched to Ferrell Rd. in reference to a motor vehicle crash. “I saw a red GMC S10 truck that had been wrecked and abandoned,’ said Deputy Moore.
The vehicle was towed and the father of the driver arrived stating his son wrecked the vehicle but no accident report was needed. According to the report, the truck was severely damaged.
• North Loop Dr. resident reported to Deputy renfroe someone moved a concrete block from his yard into the way of his culvert to his driveway.

November 12
• Lamb Ave., Crowder resident reported to Deputy Hunter Lawrence her husband came to their residence causing an altercation.
According to the report, the suspect pushed the resident and took her purse which contained $400 and all of her children’s personal information.
According to the report, the suspect advised the resident if she was still at the house once he returned he would burn the house down.
The resident advised the suspect had a shutgun in his vehicle that he pulled on her during the disagreement.
• Deputy Maurice Market was patrolling HWY 51 between Batesville and Sardis when he observed a white 2007 Chevy SUV traveling at a high rate of speed.
According to the report, the SUV made an abrupt turn from the left lane crossing over to the right. Deputy Market activated his blue lights and observed the vehicle crossover into the opposite lane and continued to travel for approximately one mile, according to the report.
The SUV finally stopped and Deputy Market could smell a stong odor of an intoxicating beverage coming from the driver who stated he had been drinking.
The driver was placed in handcuffs and transported to the Panola County Jail.
• Eureka Rd. resident reported to Deputy Lawrence she had $150 stolen while she was asleep.
• Dee’s Rd. resident reported an individual stole her valid tag off of her green 1994 Jeep and replaced it with the expired tag that came off of the suspect’s Ford SUV.
• Deputy Lawrence spoke to a Debowen Wilson resident who stated approximately two and a half months ago he had a cow go onto the neighbor’s property.
According to the report, the resident advised he has contacted the neighbor to get permission to retrieve his cow but has been denied access onto the property.

November 13
• Deputy Jeremy Hailey responded to a disturbance on McClyde Rd. where the resident reported she came in from work and her younger brother had her TV.
According to the report, the resident advised her brother she was getting her TV back to watch a program and had the TV in her hands when her brother punched her and bit her in the face. The resident advised she wanted to press charges for assault.
• Deputy Harold Lewis was dispatched to Henry Heafner Rd. where the resident stated she returned home and noticed someone came in through the bathroom window.
According to the report, the resident was missing a 50-inch Samsung TV and two Emerson 32-inch TV’s. Investigator Terry Smith was notified of the incident.
• HWY 35 North resident reported to Deputy Lewis her brother took her car while she was asleep. According to the report, after returning the vehicle the resident noticed she was missing approximately $510 worth of property from her vehicle.
• Rock Hill Rd., Sardis resident reported to Investigator Edward Dickson her neighbor shot and killed her dog.
According to the report, the neighbor admitted to shooting the dog and stated the dog had several sores on its body and was missing hair which he thought the dog had mange. The neighbor stated he shot the dog because it kept coming in his yard around his Pitt Bulls.

November 14
• Officer Louise Linzy was dispatched to Shiloh Rd., Courtland, where the resident reported he was parked in his front yard and he had consumed some alcoholic beverages causing him to become drunk and fall asleep in the vehicle.
The resident advised when he awoke he noticed the suspect sitting inside his truck on the passenger side and that his wallet was missing.
Upon questioning the suspect she got out of the car immediately and left the scene. The wallet was located in the vehicle with $225 missing, according to the report.
• Wayne Massie Rd., Como resident reported to Captain Willie Harris he let someone borrow his trailer and advised they have not returned it.
• Lee Jennings Rd., Sardis resident reported to Deputy Darryl Hosue he returned home to find his front door open and approximately $225 worth of property missing from the residence.
According to the report, the suspect(s) also took the cover off of the meter and turned the power off to the residence to disarm the alarm system.
• Deputy Moore responded to Woodruff Rd. where the resident reported she had two car batteries and a tire taken from her property.
• Old Panola Rd. resident reported to Deputy Harold Lewis his neighbor drove through his yard and was harassing him. According to the report, the individuals have an easement agreement to enter their property.
According to the report, the suspect entered the resident’s property by opening three gates to get onto her land.
The resident advised the suspect has been asked not to use their driveway.
• Deputy Hailey responded to Upton Rd. where the resident reported several subjects were in her yard trying to steal items from her car.
According to the report, there were no signs of anyone being in the yard.
At a later time, Deputy Hailey was dispatched back to the residence and again there was no evidence of anyone being in the yard.
The resident continued to call 911 reporting that someone was attempting to steal parts off of her truck. Deputy Hailey was advised by dispatch to return to the scene.
The resident reported two individuals ran across the road after trying to steal the bumper off of her truck.
The resident was arrested for abusing emergency services and was transported to the Panola County Sheriff’s Office.

November 15
• Cotton Plant Rd. resident reported to Investigator Dickson he noticed his John Deer Zero Turn Mower and Stihl Hedge Trimmers were taken from his shed. The property is worth approximately $8,359.
• Deputy Market spoke to a Hawkins Rd. resident who reported an individual hit her vehicle with a stick.
• Officer Linzy spoke to Hughes Rd., Courtland resident who stated his neighbor’s dog are causing a disturbance by barking at night and killing the live stock in the area.
• Sullivant Rd. resident reported her husband has been verbally assaulting her and threatening to take his own life.
According to the report, the resident stated her husband is doing drugs and advised he will hurt her.
November 16
• HWY 310 East, Como residents reported to Deputy Still he was in an argument with his grandmother’s husband who pulled out a pistol and fired it in his direction.
According to the report, the suspect then ran into the house where he took the grandmother’s car keys and drove off.
Deputy Still was advised at approximately 4:30 a.m. that the suspect returned to the residence.
Upon arrival, Deputy Still heard music coming from behind the house and saw the suspect standing at the trunk of the car.
Deputy Still advised the suspect to keep his hands where the Deputy could see them and the suspect ran for the drivers door of the car.
Deputy Still apprehended the suspect and detained him with handcuffs.
According to the report, the suspect had blood shot eyes, slurred speech, was very unsteady on his feet and a strong odor of an intoxicating beverage. Deputy Still noticed a half emply bottle of vodka on the trunk of the car.
The suspect was transported to the Panola County Jail where he was booked for disorderly conduct failure to comply.

Motor Vehicle Accident Report
• November 3, vehicle slid off of Pope-Water Valley Rd. and hit a tree. An injury was reported.
• November 8, vehicle slid off of Chapel Hill Rd. and hit a tree.
• November 11, vehicle left roadway, overturned and struck a tree on Pope-Crowder Rd. An injury was reported.
• November 12, vehicle was abandoned on Curtis Rd.
• November 12, vehicle sideswepped by another vehicle on Mt. Level Rd.
• November 13, hit and run occured on Victory Rd. An injury was reported.
• November 14, the vehicle accident occured when one vehicle was rear ended on HWY 6.
• November 15, vehicle was run off of Barnarcre Rd. by another vehicle.
• November 15, vehicle ran off of Bell Rd. and hit a tree. An injury was reported.

Juvenile Offense Report
November 13
• 13-year-old landed in hot water for a theft on Tocowa Rd.
• 17-year-old juvenile went missing from John Branch Rd.