Law enforcement seeks assistance to identify Gasmart burglary suspect

Batesville Police Department is looking for the identity of this person caught in security cameras at Batesville Gas Mart West after midnight Saturday morning, October 21.
The burglary was reported a few hours later when a manager opened the store and found the safe opened around 6 a.m. just minutes before a fatal crash west of the Highway 6 convenience store at the railroad overpass. BPD has stated repeatedly that the incidents were not connected.
Anyone who has information about this crime or who this burglar might be should call BPD at (662) 563 5653.

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  1. Edward Bratcher on October 29, 2017 at 9:53 pm

    Burgular seems to be wearing an Elvis wig and glasses. Have they looked pied at current and former/disgruntled employees? Looks like he knew wear the keys were and how to get to the stuff. I posted both facial shots that I pulled from video. Good luck!!!

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