School rankings improve

Published 10:52 am Friday, October 20, 2017

School rankings improve


By Rupert Howell
South Panola School District raised its “D” rating to a “C” with three of six schools leaping from “D” to “B” ratings, two moving from “D” to “C” ratings and one remaining at “C.”
Last year’s overall “D” rating was a gut punch to the administrators and teachers alike with only one school, Pope, rating a “C.”
Following the previous year’s test scores top administrators immediately asked trustees to purchase software and computers such as the more successful schools were using even though it wasn’t included into the 2016-17 budget.
“These results reflect the progress and achievements students have made on state assessments, the ACT, advanced courses and the state’s rising graduation rate,” said Dr. Carey Wright, state superintendent of education.
“Students, teachers and administrators put in a very good year’s work with what they’ve accomplished and what they’ve been able to do,” Superintendent Tim Wilder said Tuesday night when he revealed test results to district trustees during their monthly board meeting.
Wilder went over test results line by line, highlighting the mostly positive scores and also a few areas that need added attention, according to the results.
Schools rating “B” included South Panola High School, Batesville Intermediate School and Batesville Elementary School.
Those attaining a “C” rating included Batesville Middle School, Batesville Junior High and Pope School.
The school district’s overall score went from 508 in 2016 to 563 during the 2017 school year. A “C” ranking requires a score of 523 and a “B” requires 588.
South Panola HIgh
The high school showed double digit increases in all aspects of language arts and biology.
Although large gains were made in Algebra I math, a decrease in Proficient students declined substantially with Wilder explaining the negative number there would turn positive correcting themselves when next year’s testing results were released.
The high school’s score increased from 523 last year to 632 this year. The “B” rating begins at 626.
Batesville Junior High
Negative growth numbers, especially with the bottom 25 percent of students, showed up on some of Batesville Junior High School’s results with that school scoring 337 compared to 329 last year. A “C” is awarded to schools 330 and above. But gains were realized in proficient language arts, math and science scores.
Pope School
About the same can be said for Pope School test scores where gains were made but the bottom 25 per cent did less well. Proficiency numbers in areas of language arts, math and science increased.
Although Pope School maintained its “C” rating, the score showed an increase from 364 to 369 over last year.
Batesville Middle School
BMS recorded positive numbers in all but one area, growth recorded in math was negative, as reported by Wilder’s presentation. A double digit gain, 10.3, was recorded in growth of the bottom 25 percent of language art students.
BMS raised its ranking from “D” to “C” coming from a score of 308 to 334. A score of 330 and above is a “C”.
Batesville Intermediate School
BIS recorded double digit gains in language arts, and math with a 25.3 increase in growth for the bottom 25 percent.
That school’s score rose from 309 in 2016 to 392 in 2017. A “B” score is realized at 385,
Batesville Elementary School
BES also showed gains in most areas including a 21.5 gain in math growth with the bottom 25 percent. language arts also showed positive change with that school scoring 387 compared to 309 the previous year, raising its ranking from “D” to “B.”

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