Sheriff’s Report: Individuals attempt to trick cashiers with improper cash

Published 5:00 am Friday, September 8, 2017

Sheriff’s Report: Individuals attempt to trick cashiers with improper cash

The following information was compiled from incident reports from the Panola County Sheriff’s Department, August 25-30.
It is becoming more and more clear just how tough times are becoming as Panola County Sheriff’s Department received two reports involving individuals, one who attempted to pass off his counterfeit money and another who tried to pass off 71 cents in a five dollar coin roll.
On August 26 Deputy Harold Lewis responded to Coles Point Grocery where an individual requested change for a $100 bill. According to the report, the cashier realized the money was counterfeit and questioned the suspect who advised the bill was his friend’s and then walked out leaving the money behind.
August 25, Jasco Gas Station cashier reported to Deputy Steven Moore a man brought a roll of quarters into the store and advised he needed five dollars in gas.
According to the report, the cashier turned on the pump and noticed the roll contained only pennies and two dimes on each end, totaling 71 cents.
The cashier advised he confronted the suspect who stated he wasn’t paying him anything else and left the store. According to the report, the man was driving a green Ford Mustang. The investigation is ongoing.
The Panola County Sheriff’s Department received approximately 28 calls for service from Panola County residents requesting the assistance of sheriff deputies from August 25 to August 30.
August 25
• Deputy Louise Linzy spoke to a Eureka Rd. resident who advised he wanted to file a complaint regarding his wife for making threats towards him. According to the report, the individuals are currently separated. The resident advised his wife got in his face and threatened to hit him.
• Dunson Ave., Crowder resident reported to Deputy Linzy an individual came to her home very upset about an issue that occurred with someone outside the home and damaged the master bedroom door to the bathroom and shower wall by punching holes into the wall with his fists. Photos were taken of the damage done to the walls.
• Sommerville, Tenn. resident reported to Deputy Linzy while he was on the farm on King Rd. He saw a small black vehicle exiting the property.
The resident was unable to identify the make or model of the vehicle due to the vehicle traveling at a high rate of speed. According to the report, wire was removed from the entrance of the property.
The resident advised he takes care of the maintenance on the farm.
August 26
• Betty Walton Rd., Como, reported to Deputy Kevin Leland her boyfriend verbally attacked her and took parts off her truck. According to the report, the resident took the parts back and the suspect pushed her down causing injury to her hand.
• Green Hill, Sardis resident reported to Intern Chantryce Morris her sister-in-law came to her residence, pushed her in the face and stole her chair off the front porch.
• Lieutenant Chuck Tucker spoke to a Fowler Rd., Courtland resident who stated four screens had been taken off four of their windows.
• Springport Rd., Sardis, resident reported to Lieutenant Tucker two pit bulls keep coming into his yard and attacking his dog. According to the report, the dogs attacked the resident’s Feist. “I’m afraid these dogs are gonna attack on of my kids,” said the resident.
• Hwy. 51 S., Courtland resident reported to Lieutenant Tucker his daughter’s “baby daddy” keeps riding by his house and throwing his finger up at them. The resident also advised the suspect is sending threatening text messages.
August 27
• Pollan Rd., Sarah resident reported to Deputy Linzy she noticed her prescribed medication and ring missing from her home. According to the report, the resident allowed an individual to move in with her temporarily.
The resident advised she left the residence with some friends, leaving the suspect alone in the home, and upon her return found the suspect gone along with her ring and medication.
• Deputy Linzy spoke to a Debbie Dr., Sardis resident who reported her husband was cutting grass and a rock cracked their front window to the house.
August 28
• Deputy Steven McLarty responded to Hwy 310 E., Como, for an alarm where owners reported to be missing over $15,000 in property.
According to the report, Deputy McLarty observed part of the front door frame on the floor and two small bags on the floor. The resident provided serial numbers for the missing items and the stolen property was enter into the National Crime Information Center (NCIC).
• Otto Sanford Rd., Courtland resident reported her daughter’s boyfriend was threatening her and had a gun. Major Barry Thompson arrived on scene and was unable to locate the daughter or boyfriend. Investigator Tyler Mills located the daughter on Shiloh Rd..
The daughter advised her boyfriend tried to run her over while she was walking. According to the report, the boyfriend cheated and passed an STD to the daughter. The daughter advised the boyfriend lived somewhere on Ruby Rd. out of his car and Investigator Mills searched the area but was unable to locate the suspect.
• Crouch Rd. resident reported to Investigator Mills her ex-husband was harassing her and her roommate.
According to the report, the individuals were divorced four years ago and the resident received primary custody of their daughter.
The resident advised the suspect will call continuously and “go off”. The resident also stated the suspect will not give their daughter the required dosage of medicine.
The resident advised the suspect will call her roommate when she does not answer the phone.
August 29
• Deputy McLarty spoke to a Como resident who was located walking south on Hwy 51 towards Como. The resident advised the suspect hit her in the face and head with his fist. Deputy McLarty observed scratches on her face and neck and a large bump on the left side of her forehead. The resident had a strong odor of an intoxicating beverage coming from her person.
The resident refused medical treatment. The suspect was arrested for domestic violence.
• Wesson resident reported to Deputy John Still he was watching over a cabin and found forced entry had been made into the cabin through the rear door and the cabin had been ransacked.
• Cheryl Dr., Pope resident reported to Deputy George Renfroe his shop had been broken into and approximately $3,100 in property had been stolen.
According to the report, the 16’ door was damaged beyond repair and it would cost $1,200 to replace it.
August 30
• Deputy John Still was contacted by Gracie Culledge, who stated she was notified of a female who was 22 weeks pregnant but the baby had died.
According to the report, the indiviudal was drug tested and tested positive for marijuana. The individual reporting using marijuana a couple time a week during her pregnancy to help with chronic back pain.
According to the report, there was no obvious reasons apparent for the death of the fetus. The fetus was sent to the medical examiner’s officer for autopsy.
• Liberty Hill Rd., Courtland resident reported to Deputy Moore her and her husband have been separated for three weeks and advised her husband put her out.
The resident advised her husband came to her mother’s residence, where she is staying, intoxicated stated he wanted to try and talk about working on their relationship.
According to the report, the husband took his wife’s keys to a 2012 maroon Ford Fusion and would not return them. As the resident was speaking with Deputy Moore, the husband called and advised she could come get the car.
Deputy Moore escorted the resident to retrieve the vehicle. According to the report, upon arrival the vehicle had multiple damages including: three flat tires, radiator had been beaten, air breather was missing and wires had been cut.
The resident stated she was getting a divorce and was advised to keep any receipts of the cost for damages and present them to her attorney.
Deputy Moore took pictures of the damage and Jays Auto towed the vehicle to the mother’s residence.
According to the report, the husband admitted to causing the damages, but refused to give the primary key to the vehicle.

Motor Vehicle Accident Report
• August 17, Accident occured on Black Jack Rd.
• August 25, Accident occured on Shady Grove Rd.
•August 25, Accident occured on Good Hope Rd.
• August 26, ATV crash occured on Chickasaw Rd. An injury was reported.
• August 26, Accident occured on Carlisle Rd.
• August 26, Accident occured on Dunlap Rd.
• August 26, Motorcycle Accident occured on Hwy 310. An injury was reported.

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