Resident began seizing after being struck in head with remote

Resident began seizing after being struck in head with remote

By Chip Cossar and Ashley Crutcher
On July 25 Deputy Steven Moore was dispatched to Panola County Medical in reference to an assault which lead one victim to have a seizure after being struck in the head with a remote control. According to the report, a female was having an argument with her mother.
When things were about to get physical, her seventeen year old daughter got in between them to break up the fight. The grandmother then started repeatedly hitting the granddaughter in the face and head with a remote control.
The granddaughter is prone to seizures. After the assault, the granddaughter began seizing, and was then taken to Panola Medical. The mother of the injured child then stated she wants to press charges on her mother (grandmother of victim).
Deputy Williams was dispatched to Eureka Rd. on July 21 in reference to a disturbance between a husband and wife. According to the report, the wife stated that her husband had recently been physically violent to her, pushing her off their porch. She also stated that he had recently put her in the hospital for psychological evaluation.
All of this was due to the fact that she thought her husband was having homosexual relationships. When asked, the husband stated that she was lying about everything, and that his wife had not been taking her medicine, therefore just wanting everyone to believe he had been abusing her.
Williams spoke to the daughter, confirming that the mother had been making up these stories because she doesn’t love her dad. Williams informed the two to stay away from each other to keep the peace.
Locke Station Rd. residents reported to Captain Willie Harris on July 26 their daughter in law has been abusing their grandson. They stated that she had been pulling out his hair, kicking him, hitting him with broom sticks, and even biting him.
On July 17, Investigator Bryan Arnold responded to Hwy 6 East in responce to a domestic violence call. According to the report, a convicted felon shot at an individual during an altercation.
The Panola County Sheriff’s Department received 45 calls for service from July 21 to July 28.

July 21
•Deputy McLarty received a report of two juveniles fighting at Sardis Lake. According to the report, a witness advised an individaul struck one of the juveniles and placed them in a choke hold. The idividual stated he was atttempting to break up the fight and claimed the allegations were false.
•A burglary was reported on John Branch Rd. to Deputy Griffin. According to the report the door to the residence had been kicked in, but nothing was believed to be missing.
•Deputy Lawrence was dispatched to Yocona Gin Rd. in responce to a stolen firearm report. According to the report, the gun was stolen from the resident’s daughter stole the revolver who allegdly sold it to someone in Crowder.
•Deputy McLarty spoke to a File Rd. resdident who reported Bancorp South in Florida contacted her regarding an individual attempting to cash a check belonging to the resident’s mother in the amount of $408.92. The resident advised the check was for a bill and was stolen out of the mailbox.
•During a Driver’s License check point on Fig Rd., Deputy George Renfroe stopped a 2001 gray GMC SUV. According to the report the driver of the vehicle had no driver’s license or form of identification.
The suspect was asked to step out of the vehicle for a weapons check and a clear plastic sack containing a rock-like substance in the driver’s front right pocket, according to the report. The driver was transported to the Panola County Sheriff’s Office.
•A report of stolen property was received by Deputy Kevin Leland on Hwy. 51 South. According to the report, the victim was swimming at Coles Point, and left her door unlocked. She came back and her purse and childrens’ medications were gone.
•Deputy Market recieved a report that a Edgefield Street resident’s ex-husband refused to give her child back to her. According to the report, the ex-husband’s house is condemned.
Deputy Market spoke to Lt. Griffin who was on the scene, who stated that she spoke to Detective Terry Smith and he advised that if safety was an issue, the child would go with with her mother for the night, and DHS would be contacted if needed.

July 22
•A call was received from Deer Creek Rd., where Deputy Lawrence answered about a family disturbance. According to the report the resident’s son had taken pills prior to the arrival of the deputy.
The resident also claimed he was sitting in his chair when his son came in and asked him for his cell phone. The report claims the son then became angry and threw the resident to the ground and started punching him in the arm.
•Deputy Griffin was dispatched to the intersection of Hwy. 310 and Fredonia Rd. in reference to an assault. According to the report, the suspect got in the victim’s face and began yelling at her, threatening to beat her up.
•The resident of Franklin Dr. stated they were victim of a scam, to which Deputy Lawrence answered. According to the report, the resident had been receiving calls from New York City stating that they were part of the IRS and they needed to transfer $3,895 to them through a Walgreens debit card or the suspect would issue a warrant and then send the resident to federal prison for five years if they did not transfer the funds.
•At Pat’s Bluff Boat Ramp, Deputy Griffin was dispatched, in reference to malicious mischief. According to the report, while the victim was out with her family on the lake, someone let the air out of all four tires on her vehicle and on her boat trailer. She stated that her husband did not notice the flat tires, trying to back up, and damaged his vehicle.
•Deputy Lawrence received a report that a Sycamore Dr. resident had missing property. The resident stated that the suspect took her driver’s license, bank statement, and SSI letter while at her house, and she did not know what all else, according to the report.
•Deputy Lawrence was dispatched to Hwy 35 North due to a dog complaint. According to the report, the resident noticed a stray dog underneath his truck. The resident also advised him that he did not know who the owner was.

July 23
•Child Protection Services received a report that a Martin Luther King Dr. resident is living with her two small children. According to the report the resident is using cocaine and marijuana in front of her children and one of the male subjects in the home is touching them inappropriately. The caller said they have witnessed these events.
•Panola County Dispatch sent Lt. Renfroe and Deputy Lawrence to the Panola County Barn, due to the call that someone crawled under the gate. According to the report, the suspect was gone when they arrived and the resident couldn’t advise if anything was missing at the time.

July 24
• Pope Crowder Rd. resident reported to Investigator Terry Smith her ex-boyfriend called her and requested to meet with her current boyfriend so he could “whoop his a**”.
According to the report, the resident advised there were domestic disputes between her and her ex where he would strike her with his fist, push her and grab her. The resident advised she no longer wants anything to do with the suspect.
• Pope Crowder Rd. resident reported to Deputy Jeremy Hailey a burglary occured at her residence the day before. According to the report, the resident advised she was missing a Coach and Louis Vuitton purse

July 25
• Deputy Tyler Mills spoke to a Courtland resident who advised that her husband jumped into her car while she was dropping off her nephew at her sister’s house. According to the report, the suspect attempted to grab the resident’s purse and twisted and bent her arm back. The resident advised the suspect stated he wanted her cell phone to go through it.
According to the report, the suspect was able to get on the resident’s facebook page and post stuff on her page without her permission. The resident advised the suspect has been harassing her and following her around.
• Cotton Plant Rd. resident reported to Deputy Louise Linzy he returned home and found his clothes had been bleached by his wife and placed into the garbage can.
According to the report, the wife believes her husband is having an affair, which the husband denied. Both individuals agreed to talk about their marital issues and no charges were filed.

July 26
• Deputy George Renfroe received a report of a reckless driver on Bell Rd. who had reportedly wrecked once already. Deputy Renfroe arrived on the scene and identified the suspect. During a weapons check the suspect took a silver container out of his left rear pocket and handed it to Deputy Renfroe stating it contained marijuana.
A search of the vehicle revealed a pill bottle with no label and 10 white pills in it. The suspect was transported to the Panola County Sheriff’s Department.
• Deputy Steven Moore responded to a vehicle fire on I-55 South. Upone arrival, Deputy Moore blocked off traffic momentarily as the fire began to spread in both lanes.
The driver of the 2004 Gray Buick Lasabre advised she was driving when the check engine light came on and the car caught fire as she pulled over. The driver left the scene after stating she has no insurance and wants Craigens to tow the vehicle. According to the report, dispatch advised
Deputy Moore noted the driver’s license were expired and the license plate did not belong on the vehicle.
• Forrest Dr., Sardis resident reported to Deputy Renfroe an individual pulled up in front of her residence and began taking pictures of her. According to the report, the resident advised the suspect has made threats towards her and her boyfriend.
• Locust St., Pope resident reported to Deputy Hunter Lawrence a dog got into her pin and killed three ducks and seven chickens.
The resident advised she doesn’t know who the dog belongs to. Deputy Bobby Billingsley was notified of the situation and advised he would take care of it.
•Midvalley Blvd., Pope resident reported to Deputy Lawrence four dogs came through his yard and killed his cat.

July 27
• Deputy John Still spoke to a Haire Rd. resident who reported she and her daughter got into an altercation and stated her daughter picked up a peice of aluminum and struck her on the left arm and shoulder.
• Deputy Lawrence was dispatched to Dees Rd. where the resident reported the suspect sent her a text message stating he would see her at court and that he was filing sexual harassment charges against her husband. The resident advised they already have a court appearence on that date for a civil matter.
• Dispatch advised a deputy was needed on Hwy. 310 in Como in reference to stolen property. Upon Deputy Harold Lewis’ arrival ther resident advised someone stole an alternator and computer system off of her 1994 white Ford truck. The resident advised the vehicle has been sitting up for the last two years.

July 28
• Compress Rd., Como resident reported to Lieutenant Emily Griffin his daughter was in a physical altercation with her boyfriend. The resident advised the suspect purposefully broke his daughter’s iPhone he purchased for her for $400. The victim advised she did not want to press charges but stated the relationship was ended.
• Lt. Griffin responded to Bob Crenshaw Rd., Crenshaw, where the resident advised his girlfriend took his 1999 white Ford SUV without his permission. According to the report, the vehicle had a trailer attached to it and had no license plate as he just purchased the vehicle.
• Longtown Rd., Crenshaw resident reported to Deputy Tripp Williams her ex-husband violated a protection order. According to the report, the resident advised she was in jail and sent a friend to her residence to feed her dogs and when the friend arrived he noticesd the suspect and two men trying to get into the residence. The friend advised the suspect threatened him and stated he left the residence without any further incident.
Motor Vehicle Accident Report
• July 14, hit and run occured on Hentz Rd.
• July 17, two cars collided in the middle of a curve on Nelson Speer Rd.
• July 21, vehicle was ran off road by another vehicle on Hwy. 315.
• July 22, car lost control on Black Jack Rd.
• July 22, tree fell on a vehicle on Curtis Rd. An injury was reported.
• July 23, car hit a deer on John Harmon Rd.
• July 25, car lost control on Pope Water Valley Rd.
Juvenile Incident Report
• July 23, 14-year old charged with petit larceny on Trantham Rd.
• July 26, 16-year-old attempted to run away from Ballentine Rd.
• July 28, 16-year-old landed in hot water for simple assault on Gleaton Rd.
• July 28, 15-year-old was charged with disorderly conduct on Sanders Rd.

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