Sheriff’s Report 5/6/16

Published 12:00 am Thursday, May 5, 2016

Sheriff’s department investigating creepy nighttime prowler

By Ashley Crutcher
Late at night most await the Sandman expecting a good night’s rest. For one Banger Road, Sarah resident it wasn’t the Sandman who came for a visit. Investigator Brian Arnold spoke to the resident who stated that someone has been prowling around her house at night and that items have been taken from her property.
On April 21, the resident was in her bedroom when she heard someone outside. She looked out her bedroom window and heard someone say “in a creepy voice ‘I love you.’” According to the report, the person was standing under her bedroom window. Then, the suspect walked off and she did not see him again.
In another report from the Panola County Sheriff’s Office, Investigator Arnold learned, while investigating the capital murder of Vernon Glenn Martin, that Kenneth Michael Smith assisted Justin Hall in destroying evidence. Smith is charged with “Accessory after the fact to Capital Murder.”
These incidents were among 41 calls for service to the Panola County Sheriff’s Department recorded in reports from April 21 to April 28.
Other calls for service by dates are as follow:
Thursday, April 21
• Deputy John Still  spoke to a Highway 51, Como resident who stated that she and the suspect got into an argument and the suspect attempted to run her over. According to the report, the suspect denied the incident and claimed that the resident pulled a knife on her, which the resident also denied.
Friday, April 22
• Tupelo resident reported to Deputy Mark Lott that his green ‘98 Nissan Altima was stolen on April 18 from Sardis Lake Drive.
• Highway 51 North, Como reported a case of simple assault by threat to Deputy Darryl House.
• Investigator Arnold was notified by the South Panola School Resource Officer that threats were made to a student’s guardians by the student’s biological mother. According to the report, the mother stated that her daughter’s adoptive parents only wanted her daughter because of the check that they get for her. A school official told the suspect that she would need to speak with Social Security if there was a problem, to which the suspect replied that she could “just shoot them all and wouldn’t have to worry about it,” according to the report.
Saturday, April 23
• Deputy Lott investigated a report of assault on Askew Road, Crenshaw where the victim stated that the suspect has been physically and emotionally abusing her by throwing her into a wall, slapping and punching her. According to the report, the suspect has followed the victim, run her off the road and threw a vacuum cleaner through her 50” flat screen TV.
 • Deputy Mark Allen responded to a disturbance on Henderson Road where the victim stated that the suspect choked her and took her car. The victim and a friend followed the suspect and retrieved the car after the suspect left it in the middle of the road.
• Birge Road, Como resident reported to Deputy House that a 47-year-old man assaulted her 15-year-old son by choking him and taking $25.
• Black Gum Road, Sardis resident reported a breaking and entering to Deputy Lott. At noon the resident noticed that the lock was broken off of his storage shed and a 20-gallon Puma Air Compressor was missing.
• Lieutenant David Mills investigated a disturbance on Old Panola Road where the victim reported that the suspect came onto her property and wouldn’t leave. According to the report, the suspect then told the resident that he had a pistol and threatened to do bodily harm.
• Deputy Dean Jones received a dog complaint from a Highway 51, Pope resident and ran the dogs off of her property.
Sunday, April 24
• Lt. Mills responded to shots being fired at a vehicle on Pleasant Grove Road, Sarah. The victim went to pick up milk and pampers from her child’s father’s home when she and he got into an argument. According to the report, the suspect went to his car and fired a .380 pistol in the air then proceeded to fire two shots at the victim’s car.
• Deputy Rob Roberson investigated a disturbance on Highway 51 South, Sardis where the resident stated that his nephew struck him with a metal object and broke a storm door.
•Deputy Harold Lewis responded to a puzzling burglary complaint on Highway 51 South, Sardis. The resident stated that his ex-wife broke into his home through the front window and stole food from the freezer. The ex-wife had allegedly told another Panola County deputy that her ex was missing. In an attempt to check for foul play, the deputy broke out his front window. After entering the residence, she found a spare key and returned back to the home with her son without permission.
• Shiloh Road, Courtland resident reported to Deputy Dean Jones that his weed trimmer was stolen out of his shed.
•Deputy Maurice Market responded to a fight on Cole Road, where a step-father and son got into a fight after the step-father started beating his stepson’s vehicle with a bat.
•Willow Road, Investigator Terry Smith attempted to stop a white Nissan Altima. The driver pulled over,

 jumped out and fled as the vehicle continued to roll. The passenger was detained and denied knowing who the driver was. A phone that the driver dropped in his escape was located on the ground. The owner of the vehicle arrived and stated that her vehicle was stolen about 30 minutes earlier from Fredrick Street. Investigator Smith noticed that her phone number had just texted the suspect’s phone. According to the report, the owner of the vehicle then changed her story stating that she let the suspect use her car, but didn’t know who was driving it. The vehicle was towed.
Monday, April 25
• Investigator Brian Arnold took a report of assault from a Courtland resident who stated that the suspect became angry and started throwing items after being told to go outside. According to the report, the resident followed the suspect outside to calm him down and was attacked by the suspect, getting hit in the face and chest multiple times. The resident is currently recovering from injuries which include a broken back and jaw, as well as a concussion, sustained in an assault on April 9.
•Deputy John Still responded to Letha Wiley Road, Sardis where the resident stated that her daughter and the daughter’s boyfriend got into an argument and he broke the windshield on his Chevy Malibu.
• Pope-Water Valley Road, Pope resident reported to Deputy George Renfroe that an unknown suspect knocked out the window on a door of his shed.
•Frederick Cove resident reported to Deputy Josh Griffin that on her way back from Oxford she was followed and harassed by an individual. She stated that the suspect began texting her daughter. According to the report, the suspect claimed that he wanted to talk and stated that he was going to come to the residence to look her in the eyes and harm himself.
Tuesday, April 26
• Deputy Lott responded to a breaking and entering complaint on Tom Cooper Road where a vehicle was also reported stolen. The resident stated that when he arrived home he noticed the vehicle was missing and that the door was kicked open.
• Old Panola Road, Sardis resident reported to Lt. Willie Harris that her boyfriend kicked in her door. The resident stated that the suspect tried to take money from her and her cellphone.
• Investigator Danny Beavers responded to a family disturbance on B Willow Road where the resident reported he has talked to his sister numerous times about keeping her children out of his yard, but she continues to let them come over. According to the report, the children have torn up his outside faucet and his telephone connections and keep throwing rocks and litter in his yard every day.
• Deputy Lott spoke to a Seven Road resident who stated that her ex-boyfriend has been harassing her with continuous calls and texts.
Wednesday, April 27
• Leslie Road, Pope resident reported to Investigator Beavers that during March and April someone was using his debit card. The charges total $273.12.
• Investigator Beavers spoke to a Mount Olivet Road resident who reported that her under-age daughter had sex with the resident’s 22-year-old boyfriend. The daughter is now pregnant, but a DNA test has not been done to determine the if the suspect is the father.
Thursday, April 28
• Bill Wallace Road, Sardis resident reported to Investigator Beavers that his lawn mower was on a trailer under his carport. Around 8:45a.m. the resident noticed that the mower and trailer were missing. The investigation is ongoing.
• Deputy Jones responded to an attempted grand larceny on Highway 6 West where the victim stated that during the night someone hooked up to one of his company’s trailers and attempted to leave with it. According to the report, the suspect made it out of the driveway of the construction site and apparently the trailer came off of the truck and was left sitting halfway across Waldrup road. The total value of the trailer and the property within the trailer was estimated at $5,400.
• Hunt Road resident reported a suspicious person to Deputy Lott, stating that the suspect jumped over a closed gate on Hunt Road. Later a Mount Olivet resident reported another suspicious person, believed to be the same individual, walked up to his home and asked to use his phone stating that his vehicle broke down. The resident stated that the suspect was hiding something in the front of his pants. Once Deputy Lott arrived on the scene the suspect took off into the woods. Deputy Lott identified the person the suspect called and identified the suspect.
A 13-year-old found himself in trouble after getting into a fight at North Panola Junior High on April 22.
Motor Vehicle Accident Report
• April 23, Black Jack Road, tree fell on a vehicle.
• April 23, Farris Gravel Road, car hit a deer. An injury was reported.
• April 24, Lawrence Brothers Road, hit and run.
• April 24, Curtis Road, car hit a deer.
• April 24, Nelson Road, vehicle ran into a tree. An injury was reported.
• April 25, Bowen Road, lost control of car. An injury was reported.
• April 25, Tom Floyd Road, Car hit a deer.
• April 28, North Delta School, vehicle accident.

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