Batesville Municipal Court 4/4/2014

Published 12:00 am Friday, April 4, 2014

Judge dismisses trespassing case at apartment complex

By Emily D. Williams
A charge of trespassing filed by a private security guard at the Skyview Apartments March 14 was dismissed after a lengthy trial in Batesville Municipal Court Wednesday. Judge Bill McKenzie dismissed the charge against Jonathan L. Joy, 121 Patterson, Batesville, after hearing conflicting testimony about whether or not Joy had permission to be on the premises.

McKenzie told two private security guards connected to the case that they must provide written documentation to persons they are banning from the apartments.

Security guard Shawn Dalton testified that Joy was among a crowd he directed  to leave the elderly apartments building because they were gathered there past the building’s 9 p.m. curfew.
“I called the police to clear the parking lot,” Dalton testified.

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Dalton said two days later he saw Joy on the property again and called police.
Joy told the judge he had permission from the property manager Bonnie Carol to be at the complex for a family gathering prior to a funeral.

Bobby Bradford, who lives in the neighborhood, testfied, “A lady died and the funeral was the next day. Everyone was there because of the funeral wake. The security guard said ‘don’t come back to this area tonight. It was not 9 p.m. yet because of the time change and it was not dark yet,” Bradford testified.

Joy said he spoke to the property manager and she told him to not come back to the apartments when that security guard was working.

The judge called for Bonnie Carol to come to court.

She verified that Joy had her permission to be on the premises.

“The apartment manager is telling them one thing and y’all are telling them another,” the judge said.

“I see these cases all of the time. If people are going to be banned from the apartments, write it out,” McKenzie said
The case was dismissed.

After police released a man trying to snatch a woman’s purse at Wal-Mart last week, Justin Powell Perkins of 213 Alred, Courtland, was arrested for petit larceny, simple possession of marijuana and simple possession of controlled substance.

He and Brie Lynn Strouse, 213 Alred Rd., Courtland, both have holds for Missouri for strong armed robbery charges which are pending. Strouse was charged with receiving stolen property and switched tag. She had the receiving stolen property charge dismissed and was sentenced to 10 days in jail for the switched tag charge, with credit for the three she served. When she’s released she will be turned over to Missouri.

Perkins was sentenced to 30 days for his charges and will be released to Missouri.
“Get a job and go to work. You don’t steal from people,” the judge said.

Aundricus Draper, 210 Arizona St., Batesville, was referred to the grand jury for felony fleeing on March 30 by not stopping for police while on a four wheeler and not stopping at stop sign, no tag, disorderly conduct-failure to comply and no proof of insurance.

He had his bond reduced from $11,449 to $5,000 after he requested a reduction.
Terrance Lamar, 396 Tubbs Rd., Batesville, entered the city’s work program for 11 days in lieu of paying $632 for disorderly conduct.

Truman E. Johnson Jr., 432 Fondren Rd., Sardis, failed to appear to answer charges for loud music and old fines of $365 that have been due since March 2010.

Trevore Q. Walls, 270 Shiloh Rd., Courtland, entered a guilty plea to minor in possession of alcohol. He was fined $333.

Quantiera Hamilton, 868 Bailey Circle, Hampton, Ga., entered a guilty plea to minor in possession of alcohol and was fined $333.

Brandon C. White, 113 CR 506, Como, entered a guilty plea to simple possession of controlled substance. He was fined $427.

Anthony Watkins, P.O. Box 163, Victoria, had a charge of petit larceny remanded to the files.
Allan Burnett, 5488 Nash Rd., Batesville, had a charge for stalking dismissed after the affiant, Takela Burnett failed to appear to prosecute.

Tavis M. Steel, 311 Lincoln St., Sardis, was fined $947 for disorderly conduct and resisting arrest.

Steven M. Toliver, #200 Skyline, Batesville, had a case for domestic violence-simple assault continued until Wednesday.

Marcus T. Lee, 206 Tubbs, Batesville, had charges for domestic violence-simple assault dismissed after the affiant Jerrica Holmes failed to appear to prosecute.

He also had old fines of $712.50 that have been due since March 2013. The judge told him to have the fines paid by April 15 or serve 90 days in jail.

Joel M. Covington, 185 Mt. Olivet Rd., Batesville, was sentenced to 70 days in jail per his request for DUI-second, driving while license suspended (implied consent) and leaving scene of an accident. Serving the time will take care of his fines.

Derrrick Rusell, 1485 Hwy 315, Sardis was told to have 10-year-old fines of $557 paid by April 24 or serve a jail sentence.

James E. Taylor, 113 Patton Lane, Batesville, had old fines of $885 that have been due since May 2013. He was told to have the fines paid in full by April 15 or serve time in jail.

Tony Ware, 800-B Gleaton Rd., Pope, was sentenced to six months in jail after failing to complete the work program for old fines of $1,111.75 that have been due since February 2010.
“I don’t understand where the six months comes from,” Ware said.

“What choice do we have? You were told when you signed up for the work program,” the judge replied.