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Panolian Editorial

Bad elements causing issues for skate park

Don’t prove the naysayers right.

When talk began several years ago about building a skate park, opponents stated that “bad elements” or riff-raff were often found among individuals that hung around the skate board crowd.

Batesville Parks and Recreation Director Robert Lightsey noted recent vandalism at American Legion Park did not occur until after the skate park was put into service.

Lightsey said the net on the tennis court was stretched and burned, the tennis court surface is being ruined by skate boards and the pressbox at that park’s baseball field was damaged.

Lightsey said if vandalism didn’t cease, “There is the possibility that we will dismantle that (skate park) part.”

The Parks and Recreation Director quickly acknowledged that only a small handfull of kids (four or five) were causing problems.

“Ninety-five percent act right most of the time,” he added.

Skate boarders need to police themselves and keep the “riff-raff” away if they expect the park to be improved and accepted. They have worked too hard for what they now have.