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Marvin Burdette

Burdette makes plays for UAB

By Myra Bean

Ole Miss will host Conference USA’s University of Alabama-Birmingham in homecoming Saturday night at 6:30 p.m.

Coming home with UAB is Batesville native Marvin Burdette. Burdette has made a name for himself early in his freshman year with the Blazers.

He caused a fumble in last week’s game against Southern Miss in which UAB went on to win 30-17.

The Birmingham News highlighted Burdette’s play in an article on Tuesday and also spoke with South Panola head coach Lance Pogue.

The article said the play was a “huge” play and a “snapshot” of Burdette’s approach to the field of play.

“The play began with Burdette lined up at middle linebacker and Southern Miss in the wildcat formation with wide receiver Freddie Parham taking the direct snap,” writes BN staff writer Steve Irvine

“Burdette took on an offensive lineman soon after the snap, and, after sliding off the first contact, he was knocked to the ground by another lineman. Burdette quickly rolled over and began to stand up about the same time that Parham showed up. Burdette grabbed a leg and drove his helmet into Parham’s arm. The ball popped loose, UAB teammate Hiram Atwater recovered and not long afterward the Blazers took the lead for good in what eventually became a 30-17 victory.”

According to Burdette, it was all in a football’s days work.

“It shows you that if you just keep playing and never give up, you never know what will happen,” Burdette said.

Pogue told the reporter from the BN that was nothing new. Burdette did that at South Panola all the time.

The article may be read in its entirety at http://www.al.com/uabfootball/birminghamnews/index.ssf?/base/sports/1255421725212741.xml&coll=2.