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Myra Bean Column

Myra Bean

Drop ‘rival’ title

Ok. Now that the “Big Rivalry Game” is over, it should be over.

There is no real rivalry between South Panola and Olive Branch. The only team(s) who could possibly say they are a rival of South Panola could be Meridian and Memphis University School. If we ever played Wayne County again that may one day get that distinction.

A rivalry would be in the old days when Clarksdale and South Panola traded wins.

I still think there is more smack talk going on with that game than could ever come from the OB game.

Maybe back a couple of years ago Olive Branch could have claimed a rivalry but that was then.

When the TV people were gathering information for this event, they asked me how did this become a rivalry. I said it had to be when Olive Branch had a shot with some D1 players back in 2005. They still did not get the win over South Panola.

Friday night was a joke.

A friend and I were texting all night long wondering when OB was going to show up to play.

I was over in Oxford at the North Panola game and wondering the same thing.

I thought I was going to miss something.

Now there was a book on this and I told them the same thing when they asked me that question when the rivalry got started. I turned the question on them and asked what rivalry?

I even told them there was no rivalry with OB but they had their minds made up.

One win in 10 years do not a rival make.

Well, it is over with for one more year. Maybe we will meet in the playoffs again or maybe not.

I guess Madison Central will be the next rival game, but truth be known, that Tupelo/South Panola match up is hotter than even the Clarksdale one.

Oh, well, only time will tell.