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Wet Weather

Keep umbrella close for second week of wet

By Billy Davis

Rain-soaked Panola County, robbed so far of dry fall weather, can expect the precipitation to continue through the week and into the weekend, according to the National Weather Service.

Today is the first official day of Autumn.

The Mid-South has recorded rain every day since September 13, said meteorologist Jonathan Howell of Memphis.  

Memphis International Airport had recorded 7.32 inches since September 1, well above the normal average of 2.23 inches, he said.

Closer to home, the field office at Enid Lake has recorded 8.17 inches, said a spokesman. At Sardis Lake, the field office there has recorded much less, 4.49 inches, for the month.

The fall precipitation is a mixed blessing for local farmers – coming in the middle of corn harvesting but helping late plantings of soybeans, said Bobby Booth, who manages the Panola County Co-op.

“If you planted soybeans late, then they’re getting a good rain,” Booth said. “But some planted them early and they’re trying to get it out of the field.”

He said cattle ranchers, who are already pleased with the summer hay crop, are watching their livestock munch on green grass.  

Booth said the wet weather has yet to hurt the Co-op’s food plot business. Sales of clover seed and other crops have yet to hit its peak, he said.

Howell said the warm moist air that has settled over the region will likely move on by September 27, replaced by a high-pressure system that is more typical of dry fall weather.

The rain began falling last week after a low-pressure system moved in from the Midwest. That weather system eventually moved on but was replaced by a second low-pressure system.

“What you’re seeing is a stagnant pattern,” Howell said.

“It is rather unusual for this time of year,” he added.

Howell said computer models at the National Weather Service show signs of hope – a high-pressure system could be forming to replace the wet weather.

Until then, however, the Weather Service is predicting showers and thunderstorms, and mostly cloudy skies, through Friday.

Partly sunny skies are predicted for Saturday and the chance of rain drops to its lowest point, 30 percent, on Sunday.