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Brett Favre

Why? Should he or shouldn’t he?

Brett Favre’s return to the NFL field is back in the news.

What do you think? Should Brett forget the NFL and just cheer for his favorite players from the arm chair like the rest of us or should he play until he can’t play any more?

What do you think is the reason Brett would even consider going back to the NFL? Is it because it is his life and he cannot imagine not playing or he just has to make Green Bay regret dismissing him?

Sound off.

Rick Mills says Brett has such underlying hate for Green Bay and that’s the reason he wants to stick it to them and make them pay for releasing him. He wants to show them he can still pay.

But Rick, asks Myra Bean, do you think Green Bay is even paying attention?

Rick’s answer is “NO. They are just worried about beating Minnesota Vikings.