Weekend Crime Report

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, February 10, 2009

One keyed car + one brick = finger-pointing at ex-girlfriend

By Rupert Howell

A brick through the window and a keyed car were reported on Gay Street between Wednesday night and Thursday afternoon according to an incident report filed by Batesville Police officer Shawn Dalton.

The house’s occupant stated he was having problems with an ex-girlfriend according to the report that was related to another report by the car’s owner.

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That report stated, “… a very long scratch on the driver’s side of the vehicle… thought the ex-girlfriend was responsible… but could not prove it…”

Be careful not to smoke your marijuana in public places. Two incident reports filed this week show arrests made at American Legion Park and Wal-Mart with subjects issued citations.

An off duty policeman reported to his department last Thursday that a subject was smoking “a marijuana cigar inside a vehicle.

“After searching the subject’s pockets a small amount of marijuana was found inside a cigar box.

“I then issued the subject a city citation for possession of marijuana and released him,” Patrolman Shawn Dalton’s report stated.

Another officer reported to Officer Scott Cagle that when subjects got out of their vehicle at Wal-Mart he smelled marijuana and observed marijuana “blunts” on the console.

Cagle’s report went on say that he made contact with the subjects when they were getting back into their vehicle and saw one of the subjects throw one of the “blunts” onto the ground and another throw a plastic bag alleged to be marijuana under a parked car.

The report also stated that another alleged bag of marijuana was found in the pocket of the third subject.

The three subjects were detained and cash seized and citations issued to each subject. All evidence was labeled and placed into BPD’s evidence room.

Officer Richard Stonestreet witnessed a subject selling copied CDs and DVDs at Maggie’s Truck Stop and, after approaching the vehicle, noticed several copies of both DVDs and CDs inside.

The subject had been reported selling DVDs and CDs multiple times according to Stonestreet’s report.

The officer took the merchandise into custody and turned them over to Batesville Police Department detectives.

Another incident report by Ruby Myers indicated a subject had been arrested on Airport Road for a Contempt of Court charge.