Brasher Letter

Published 12:00 am Friday, October 31, 2008

To the editor:

I fear that America, as a nation, has become a people so gripped by fear, radicalism, prejudice and cynicism that all rational thought has diminished.

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For the vast majority of our history, the United States has been a bastion of pragmatism and moderation. As Europe suffered through their failed attempts to implement socialism, we remained a stalwart of limited government and individualism. Even when we experimented with the misaligned and inept policies known as the Great Society, we had the good sense to recover lost ground and plow a straight furrow. The legacy of this country has, for the most part, trumped the need to follow radical political departures, maybe with the exception of – now.

If the polls are indeed accurate, we  might be looking at the most liberal Congress and President ever. True, the Republicans of the mid 90’s entered the political arena with the objective of changing Washington for the best. Washington politics transformed them.

Culpability must be placed on a conservative movement that failed to meet its own moral and fiscal standards. We succumbed. The nation, possibly out of disgust, has gravitated to the left of center. If the outcome on November 4th is a liberal sweep, then so be it. As a person who ardently believes in Divine Providence, it is hypocritical to declare that God has abandoned us because one political party usurps the other. This is ludicrous. God has not nor will He relinquish control of his Creation. Unlike Elvis, God has not left the building.

With that being said, I do have some real concerns about our immediate future and if history serves as any indicator, several indictments can be made about his rising tide of liberal fanaticism:

First, nothing will be sacred. Time honored traditions will be viewed with contempt.

Second the Church will experience repeated attacks from the national media supported by the majority of the populace.

Third, the miserable policies of the Great Society will be revisited with the same horrific outcomes of as previous.

Forth, the military might of the United States will be allowed to deteriorate and crumble.

Fifth, the inane attempt at wealth redistribution will extend this needless recession.

In my humble opinion, unless reason prevails, our immediate future appears as murky as the mighty Mississippi.


Dr. Andrew Baker

Cornerstone Baptist Church