Andrew Brasher letter

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Letter to the editor

New dawn for U. S. if Palin survives campaign rigors

Politics is all about power. Who has it and who wants it. Everyone loves an underdog, but very few bet on him, or in this case, on her.

For Obama, the choice of Biden was as exciting as ordering mixed vegetables. For a man who trumps change, his selection was a step in the opposite direction. He chose experience and stability. We cannot fault Obama’s reasoning.

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McCain, on the other hand, pursued a very radical departure from classical political thinking. He chose outside of the box, because he thinks outside of the box. Whether or not we agree with his choice of Sarah Palin as his Vice-President is irrevelant, it was a bold stroke. Foolhearty or genius, well, that remains to be seen. Yet, Governor Palin is refreshing. Novelty items tend to fade over time, but this lady may be tough enough to stay.

On Wednesday night, every mother, young or old, for the first time, realized that they could be a doting mom, and possibly, the President of the United States. We witnessed history.

Can she survive a debate with the more experienced Biden? I don’t know, but if she does not, McCain loses. Can she handle the incessant attacks and questions from the media? The jury is out.

With certainty, questions will be posed to her that have never been asked of any other candidate in our political history. And by the way, the media has the right to ask those questions. Why? It is simple. She is the first of her kind and hopefully not the last. How is she the first? She is a mom with small children, who could become the second most powerful person in the world. No, not all the questions will be germane. True, there will be bias. Yet, if she can survive this onslaught and manage to hold her on, America is looking at a new dawn.

Dr. Andrew Brasher