Womble Letter

Published 12:00 am Friday, August 15, 2008

Avant thoughtful of poll workers

I have had the opportunity to work at the Macedonia/Concord voting precinct on more than one occasion. Mr.  Robert Avant always came by early in the morning and counted the people working. Before noon he would be back with a sandwich (either turkey or ham), two cookies enclosed with the sandwich and a very cold soft drink for every worker there. It mattered not whether he was on the ballot or not.

This happened every time I worked out there. I have worked at both Patton Lane, City Hall, the Cliff Finch Building and at Courtland and no one in those precincts ever checked on us or brought us lunch.  (Don’t get me wrong, Coach McMinn always checks on us, I’m talking about the politicians in the district.)

Believe me it was refreshing to have him remember us, as election day is a very long day for poll workers. We all (every worker there) appreciated his thoughtfulness.

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Janie H. Womble