Carvan Letter

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Columnist’s encounter leads to realistic view of guns

To the editor:

I read with interest the article written by Emily Williams (Panolian, Editorial page 7/22/08) regarding her recent experiences in Pope and the resultant changes in her feelings about firearms.

 I’ve never quite understood the fear some profess to  have toward guns. In reality a gun is a simple mechanical  device. It should not be viewed as a scary thing. In all  honesty, a scary thing is a two-ton automobile sitting at  an intersection with a 150 horsepower engine at fast idle, the transmission in drive, waiting for pedestrians to cross; and only the constant pressure on the brake pedal by a possibly distracted driver preventing it from running amuck. Now that’s scary!

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But back to guns. Emily is more fortunate than most, as she has a father and husband to look to for a more realistic view of firearms. Truth be told, the world has never been a place so safe that one did not need to be aware of and to prepare themselves for the unlikely but possible assault upon self and/or property. Her memory of her grandfather attests to that. And oddly enough, women seem to be most likely to go about their daily lives with little or no thought of their own safety.

And if pressed they will declare their fear of firearms. Whereas they should fear the possible encounter with a person twisted enough or desperate enough to do them or their loved ones harm.  

Mrs. Williams is fortunate. She learned one of life’s lessons without a life shattering experience. Her last statement says it all. “I will not live in fear. I will protect my young, to whatever extent it takes.”

Bully for you, Emily Williams! Bully for you!

Wendell Carvan