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Letter to the editor

Having just read Deuteronomy 15 in our Lord’s book of life, my heart was tendered to the letter to the editor entitled “Reader urges policy change to allow smaller quantity propane purchases”.  

God tells us all in chapter 15:4-8 that “there shall be no poor among you, since the Lord will surely bless you.”  He goes on to say, “You shall freely open your hand to him (the poor).”  Please, read the entirety of this and other passages in this letter in your Bible during your times with God.

We are the Lord Jesus’ disciples every time we choose love as our action.  We are lights to a dark world.  Every time we serve others by loving them through our actions, thoughts, words and listening we are His lights leading to Him.  We are the church!

Whose disciples are we when we act differently than in love and compassion?

To suppliers of propane and all other types of businesses, consider, if you haven’t already, the writer’s plea for grace in The Panolian January 18 letter.  How businesses lead is how our nation often follows.  You can lead as you were taught to live when you were in kindergarten!  

Companies that already serve communities and families with compassion, remember that our Bible says, “For the Lord your God shall bless you as He has promised you…” (Verse 6)  And we, the community, thank you and praise Jesus for you as you live out Proverbs 21:13 by not shutting your ear to the poor…lest you become poor.

As families, we must be the best stewards of all God has given us. (Luke 15:10-12)  We must plan as best we can while leaning to our Lord for His strength.  And also we need to continue to pray for the leaders of our corporations, businesses and nation.  God is still in control even when conditions appear to worsen.

We are one (Acts 17:26) and Jesus still loves each one.

Captivated and Motivated by the Love of Christ, Sonshine.

/s/ Frances Ashcraft