Robison letter

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Letter to the editor
Beauty revue rules, guidelines need review before next year’s event, says parent 

Our child participated in the South Panola Beauty Review on Nov. 10.

I called Mrs. Kilpatrick and asked her about splits in the girls’ dresses. She replied with as long as it wasn’t up to their cheeks and showing anything it was okay. I told her this dress was very age appropriate, which I still think, and didn’t show anything. She also told me she had never disqualified anyone.

I have been to many beauty pageants over the years. This was the worst I have ever attended.

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I feel an injustice has been done to so many of the girls and their families. We were given two guidelines to follow: 1) No strapless dresses and 2) no midriffs showing. Then there were some pageant suggestions, none of which mentioned splits.

When the pageant got started the emcee told us the girls were being judged on beauty, poise and personality. When I called Mrs. Kilpatrick Monday after the beauty review was over, I asked if we could see our child’s scores so we would know what we needed to improve on.

I was told that the judges took them with them. I then asked why my child was disqualified.

She replied with “What? She wasn’t disqualified; that’s just something some of the girls are saying.”

I then asked what the girls were judged on. She told me beauty, poise and dress.

I told her not one girl in the top 20 had a split above the knee in their dress.

We spent $602 on this pageant. That was by choice, but we at least expected a fair chance for the title of a beauty review that doesn’t have the best reputation and needs some changes made before next year’s beauty review.

This letter is not intended to have anything negative towards the winner and alternates. This is strictly towards the rules and guidelines.

/s/Vicki Robison