William Correro column

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Some celebration firsts happened at largest cocktail party

The Game formerly known As The World’s Largest Cocktail Party was the wildest I have ever been in.

That title is from its current lack of “political correctness” for the powers that be. Anyway, Georgia held Florida on their first possession to a punt and then Georgia proceeded to march down and score.

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Pretty much standard game occurrences in any game until the entire Georgia bench ran out to the end zone to celebrate the score. None of us had ever seen anything similar but did what had to be done.

It ended up being two 15-yard penalties for all of that. These fouls can either be enforced on the try or carried over to the kickoff, which is what Florida did.

Added to the list of first-time happenings was a kickoff from the seven and a half yard line. It didn’t stop there with twelve penalties in the first half.

There were several kickoffs from the fifteen on other unsportsmanlike fouls on scoring plays. Thankfully they did finally settle down and play football in the second half of what turned out to be another great SEC game.

We had two games end on a touchdown a few weeks ago – one was Florida at Kentucky that I was in and the producer was frantically trying to get me on my cell phone afterward because Florida didn’t kick the try after the touchdown.

By the time they realized no try was going to happen we were in the vans and on the way out. The rules are if a touchdown is scored in the last play of the game, the try is not attempted if the point would not affect the outcome of the game which is what happened. I was told by one of my CBS friends that the Vegas spread on the game was seven. Oh well, like I care about such.

Baseball is over with a very lack-luster World Series. One item I thought was interesting was the SEC was well represented. Former Tennessee quarterback Todd Helton for the Rockies is one but what many may not know is the very last pitch of the final Game 4 was all SEC.

Former Mississippi State pitcher Jonathon Papelbon, Red Sox closer K’ed out former Ole Miss hitter/outfielder rookie Seth Smith with a nasty breaking ball. Just more evidence of how wide ranging the SEC is.