Deer Hunt

Published 12:00 am Saturday, September 8, 2007

Annual Springdale Wildlife deer hunt set

Enid Lake is now accepting applications for the Special Deer Hunt at the Springdale Wildlife Management Area.  

Applications for the hunt may be obtained from the Enid Lake Field Office or from public service announcements published in the area newspapers.  All applications must be returned to the Enid Lake Field Office and received no later than 9 a.m., October 1.  This year’s hunt will be divided into four sessions with each session restricted to a maximum of 40 hunters.  

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A public drawing will be held at the Enid Lake Field Office at 10 a.m. on October 1, to determine who will be eligible to hunt in the first three sessions.  Participants in the first three sessions may harvest only one doe deer.

 The successful hunters from the first three sessions will be eligible to enter the fourth session.  If more than 40 hunters are successful in harvesting a doe during the first three sessions, there will be a random drawing for the 40 participants allowed to hunt in the fourth session.  

Hunters in the fourth session will be allowed to harvest only one legal buck deer with six points or more.  

The first session will be for young hunters, 10-15 years of age, and will consist of three days, (October 5-7).  An adult at least 21 years of age must accompany these young hunters.  

The second session will be eight days, (October 8 – 15) and will be for adult hunters, age 16 and up.  The third session will be 8 days, (October 16 – 23) and will also be for hunters age 16 and up.  The fourth session will begin November 9 and continue through November 16, 2007.  The Resource Manager of Enid Lake, Billy J. Samuels, or his designated representative will issue all permits.  

In addition to state laws, participants will also be required to comply with special regulations for the Springdale Wildlife Management area.  

For more information contact Mike Robinson, Ranger for the Corps of Engineers at Enid Lake,  phone 662-563-4571.



NAME____________________________________  AGE_____________



PHONE NUMBER_________________________________

Check the Preferred Session (check only one)

SESSION ONE – OCTOBER 05 – 07, 2007     Youth hunt (age 10-15) ______

SESSION TWO – OCTOBER 08 – 15, 2007    Age 16 and up               ______

SESSION THREE – OCTOBER 16 – 23, 2007    Age 16 and up               ______

Sessions 1, 2, and 3 will be restricted to antlerless deer.

Session 4 will be for the successful hunters from the previous sessions and will be restricted to legal buck deer. (6 points or greater)

All registration forms must be received no later than October 01, 2007 at 9:00 a.m.  These forms should be mailed or returned to:    Special Deer Hunt

U.S. Army Corps of Engineers

P.O. Box 10

Enid, MS 38927-0010



1.  No alcoholic beverages allowed.  Violators will be expelled.

2.  All rules of gun safety shall be observed.  Target shooting is prohibited.  Centerfire rifles, shotguns with slugs or archery equipment will be allowed during all sessions.

3.  Its shall be illegal to construct or hunt from any permanent stands or blinds.  Destroying, defacing, cutting, driving nails into or otherwise damaging any standing live tree, natural feature or plant is prohibited.

4.  All persons under the age of sixteen (16) must be accompanied at all times by an adult, at least 21 years of age, who is responsible for the minor’s actions.

5.  The use of organized drivers and standees in which drivers make noises by shouting, whistling, or using any noise making device is prohibited.

6.  No dogs will be allowed on the area during the hunt.

7.  The use of ATV’s will be allowed only for the removal of harvested deer.  Hunting from any motorized vehicle is illegal.  Access to the hunting areas will be by foot traffic only.  (Exceptions based on disability with required proof ).

8.   No bait or feed is allowed on the area at any time.

9.   Persons wishing to scout the Springdale Area prior to the hunt may do so in accordance with posted regulations.

(No scouting allowed during the hunts)

10.   Only residents of Mississippi may register.  Non residents are not licensed to kill an antlerless deer on public lands in the state of Mississippi.  Prospective hunters may register for only one session and registration is limited to one per person.

11.   The only area open during this hunt is the area included in the Springdale Wildlife Management Area.  The boundary of this area is determined by a line on which the trees are marked with red paint.

12.   Persons with disabilities may use ATV’s for access and egress only.  Proof of disability must be in the form of a doctor’s statement specifying the disability or other certified forms verifying disability.  Proof of the disability must be submitted to the Enid Lake Field Office prior to the hunt.

13.   Corps of Engineer personnel employed at Enid Lake and their immediate family members will not be eligible to participate in this hunt.

14.   All hunters must wear HUNTER ORANGE in accordance with state law.

Enid Lake Rangers, officers of the Mississippi Department of Wildlife, Fisheries and Parks and volunteers will monitor the area daily.