Published 12:00 am Friday, July 20, 2007

Make the process work during upcoming election

It’s not just about the candidates. It’s also about the process.

As word comes this week of candidates qualifying for the special city election on top of the ongoing campaign season for the state’s party primaries, citizens need to know it is not just about who wins, but what is being brought to the table.

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If the process works correctly we all win in some aspects of these games democracies play.

During the special election to fill an unexpired term for sheriff less than two years ago, many issues came to the front brought out by well intentioned candidates for that office.

Other candidates picked up on those issues through the election and run-off process with almost every serious issue of that election was addressed by the eventual winner and a cooperating board of supervisors who were also listening when the hotly contested election process was going on.

Fast forwarding ahead from them until now, we have new elections and a batch of new issues.

The process proceeds.

Knowing that numbers are always important in elections, we currently face a primary where many of our friends, neighbors, relatives and associates are seeking local office or attempting to hold on to the one they presently occupy.

It often becomes more of a personality contest and issues become a distant second to what matters in the process.

Be sure to ask those who are vying to represent you, “ Why should I vote for you?”

“What will you do that separates you from other candidates? How do you propose to fund new programs and services?

And most of all, tell them what you’re thinking. Candidates are prone to listen during election season.

Make the process work.