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Published 12:00 am Tuesday, March 6, 2007

The Panolian: SPORTS – March 6, 2007

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South Panola High School Golf Schedule
8  Wedgewood Southaven  3 PM 4
19  Mallard Pointe  Sardis 3 PM 4
22  Backacres  Senatobia 3 PM 4
26  Dogwood (18 holes) Grenada 1 PM 9
27  Wedgewood  Southaven 3 PM 4
2 Dogwood Grenada 1:30 PM 4
10 Dogwood Grenada 11 AM 8
16 Mallard Pointe  Sardis 3 PM 4
19 Natchez Trace Tupelo TBA 8
8, 9, 10 State Tournament TBA TBA  
Head Coach: Lucian King
Hunting Heritage Banquet set for Batesville
The local chapter of the National Wild Turkey Federation (NWTF) will hold the annual Hunting Heritage Banquet Thursday, March 22 at 6 p.m. at the National Guard Armory in Batesville according to president Josh Hawkins.

Singles, couples and sponsors are being sought for the event with proceeds going to projects and scholarships.

Money generated is used at the national, state and local levels that directly or indirectly benefit wild turkeys and turkey hunting.

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Each state’s Heritage Super Fund dollars are used on conservation and education projects within the state. Some of the money raised at banquets is spent on projects that have national or regional significance such as research grants, outreach programs and regional improvement projects according to information supplied by Mississippi Chapter NWTF.

Hawkins produced figures that showed over $10,000 spent in the past five years in Panola, Quitman, Tate, Lafayette, Yalobusha, and Tallahatchie Counties.

"That doesn’t include the many trees planted in federal and state wildlife management areas," Hawkins said.

The event includes dinner, raffle items and auction of popular hunting items.

Persons interested should contact Hawkins at

Green Waves down W. Memphis in district action
By Myra Bean

The North Delta baseball team improved its record to 2-1 with a district win over West Memphis Friday, 8-1.

The Green Wave got on the boards first on a Jim Tyler Dalrymple run. Dalrymple doubled to get on base in the bottom of the first inning.

Dalrymple scored two more runs in the game.

The Green Wave had a big second inning with four runs to take a 5-0 lead into the top of the fourth inning.

Austin Atkinson, Bateman Greenlee, Josh Garrott and Dalrymple all scored in the bottom of the second inning.

West Memphis changed pitchers in the bottom of the third and the Green Wave had to really buckle down to add some more points to its score.

West Memphis finally scored in the top of the fourth inning on a single RBI (run batted in) to avoid a shutout.

The Green Wave were able to crank two runs in the bottom of the fourth facing this new pitcher.

Dalrymple walked to get on base and then went home on a pass ball. Dakota Mabry got hit by a pitch to get on base and stole home plate, minus his helmet, for the seventh score of the evening.

The final score was a single RBI by Geri Lamm to force home Atkinson in the bottom of the fifth inning. Atkinson got hit by a pitch to get on base and got to second and third bases on pass balls.

Evan West pitched the complete game for the Green Wave and got the win.

The Green Wave have both games at home this week. They played Delta last night in non-conference action but the score was not available at press time.

Thursday, the Green Wave will host Desoto, Ark. in district action at 4 and 6 p.m. The Green Wave will be off for spring break and return to action Tuesday, March 20 to host Bayou Academy in district games at 4 and 6 p.m.

Lyme disease proves hard to diagnose and victims suffer

By Robert Neill

As I sat down to write my weekly syndicated column, I just had a phone call from a lady who wanted to know what I knew about Lyme Disease. I hope she had a good long-distance calling plan!

She had experienced joint and muscle pain and stiffness for ten years, and was being treated for fibromyalga, but has gotten no relief.

It is worse in the wintertime, and she has been placed on disability, with no hope in sight. Someone had referred her to me, although I am a writer, not a doctor. Yet I am a Lyme Disease victim, having been diagnosed with that mostly tick-borne ailment over 15 years ago, after having suffered the symptoms for ten years.

At that time, medical authorities did not support the diagnosis of Lyme outside of the northeastern U.S., where it originally was misdiagnosed as an outbreak of juvenile arthritis in the area around Old Lyme, Connecticut, which is right across the Long Island Sound from Plum Island, the government "animal testing" facility where biological agents are developed, stored, and tested.

Just so happened that I knew that fact, because I had been an NBC Warfare (Nuclear, Biological, Chemical) Officer on board a carrier, and most of the publication updates I had to enter came from such facilities.

The Lyme-causing spirochete bacteria actually invades the human cell, so it is almost impossible to be cured of Lyme, once it gets a hold. Curiously, it is relatively easy to knock out in the early stages, if treated with antibiotics.

Yet it is hard to diagnose, and doctors who do recognize it are often discouraged by higher medical authorities. I have a theory as to why that is so, and have hesitated to write that for years. But I’m old now, and tired of getting calls from people who may have a disease which can be readily cured if diagnosed early.

I was doing some writing for magazines back then, and one night got a call from a man who had worked for the Park Service maintaining the Plum Island grounds. He had read some of my work, and wanted me to follow his lead in investigating where Lyme Disease originated, for he was also a Lyme victim.

Over a period of months, he led me to a map track of Hurricane Jenny, which blew right across Plum Island and the Long Island Sound, into New England.

They evacuated Plum Island at the Hurricane Warning, and a couple of Park Service men were the first to go back, to inspect the damage to the facilities before sounding the "All Clear" signal.

My informant was one of that crew. He said the only real damage was that a tree had been blown over, smashing the roof of a lab where "they were experimenting on the mutation of spirochete bacteria."

Only months before that, my Lyme doctor in Mobile had made the casual comment, "You know, the spirochete bacteria in modern America seems to have mutated somehow, and I don’t quite understand it."


Maybe I’m connecting the wrong dots here, and if so, you are plumb correct in saying, "This Neill guy is a nutcase!"

Could be. This is scary stuff, because if you follow that line of reasoning very far, you may wonder about other diseases that appeared during the Cold War years when both Russia and the U.S. were developing NBC Warfare arsenals.

Yet I was the guy having to "update the NBC pubs" back then, and I know for a certainty what we had, and what they had.

Here’s the scary part: much of Russia’s NBC weapon inventory is tee-totally unaccounted for, and we know they’ve sold off some.

Despite the ongoing media scorn toward the Bush administration on the matter of Iraq having had weapons of mass destruction, it is a fact that Saddam used chemical weapons on the Kurds, and undoubtedly shot off that type warhead on Scud missiles during the first Iraqi war, for our veterans have experienced symptoms of chemical warfare from them.

Some of the first response teams to the Twin Towers on 9/11 were NBC teams, checking to be sure the hijackers didn’t take NBC weapons on the planes that crashed. Someone was on the ball, there. But sooner or later?.

Connect your own dots, folks! Uh-oh: here comes a tax auditor!

District game tie to be settled later
     South Panola’s Mitchell Houston is the one covered with dirt after his successful slide safely into homeplate Friday against Horn Lake. The Tigers tied with Horn Lake
at 11. The game will be finished at a later date since this is a district game.
By Danielle Bean and Myra Bean

South Panola and Horn Lake ended their district game Friday in an 11-11 tie, due to fading light.

The game will be finished when Horn Lake returns to South Panola on March 23, according to head coach Patrick Robey. That may change with the March 20 date when South Panola is scheduled to go to Horn Lake, Robey said. They may play the March 20 game in Batesville and go to Horn Lake on March 23.

On Saturday, the Tigers upped its record to 5-0-1 with two wins over Byhalia, 13-3 and Independence 12-2.

Against Horn Lake, Ethan Bright hit a two-run homerun to get the Tigers on the boards, his fifth of the season.

"We gift-wrapped the game for them for about five innings," Robey said. "They gift-wrapped it for us one inning."

Horn Lake scored five runs in the top of the third inning and led 5-2 going into the bottom of the third.

Catcher Mitchell Houston got on base on a walk and went home on a double RBI by pitcher David Renfroe.

Renfroe worked his way around the diamond and scored, along with Heath Bolton who walked to get on base, to tie the game at five.

Horn Lake broke the tie scoring three runs in the top of the fourth.

Shortstop Tyler Benson doubled to get on base in the bottom of the fourth inning and scored on a Monroe Harrison double RBI for an 8-6 Horn Lake lead.

The Tigers saw a lot of success in the "gift-wrapped" fifth inning as they scored five runs to the game after Horn Lake scored three runs in the top of the sixth.

Scoring in the fifth for the Tigers were Bolton, Marty Stokes, Joseph Blair, Benson and Corbin Moore.

Against Byhalia, Tyler Benson picked up the win, pitching five innings in a shortened mercy rule-run game.

The Tigers led 3-2 at the end of the second inning and scored eight runs in the top of the fourth to take the 11-2 lead. Byhalia scored one in the bottom of the fourth to make it 11-3 Tigers. The two runs in the top of the fifth gave the Tigers the 10-run margin to end the game.

Hitting a home run for the Tigers was Bright, which brought his total to six for the season. Stokes, Houston, Moore and Harrison all hit doubles. Renfroe and Bolton each hit a triple.

Getting multiple hits were Houston and Blair, two each; and Renfroe and Bolton, three each.

Later, against Independence, Bright pitched to pick up the win. The Tigers won in five mercy rule shortened innings.

Blair and Benson each had a home run. Bolton hit a double. Bright, Blair and Harrison each had two hits.

The Tigers will be home today to host Southaven in a 3:30 p.m. game with the varsity teams only. Friday, the game venue has been changed. The team will travel to Olive Branch for district games beginning at 5 and 7 p.m.

Saturday, the team will travel to Cleveland East Side for games at 11 a.m. and 1 p.m.

Junior Varsity
The junior varsity beat team Byhalia 5-3 on Saturday. Brice Belvin picked up the win in three innings.

Batesville Jr. High
The Batesville Jr. High team will be back in action Thursday at Lafayette County in Oxford at 5 p.m. The team will be off next week for spring break. The Jr. High Tigers will play its first home game of the season, Monday, March 19 at 5 p.m., hosting Grenada.

9th Grade Tigers
The nine grade Tiger team will be at Center Hill Saturday for games at 12 and 2 p.m. and be off next week for spring break.

SP Lady Tigers remain undefeated
By Myra Bean

The South Panola Lady Tiger fastpitch softball team is off to its best start in school history.

The Lady Tigers are 12-0 following the TSA (Tupelo Softball Association) tournament this past weekend.

They have scored 94 points and allowed only two this season.

The second point came Friday night in a tough matchup with Tishomingo County. The Lady Tigers escaped with a 2-1 win.

Third baseman Haylei Plummer led in hitting with two, including a double. Also getting a hit were pitcher Whitney Kiihnl, second baseman Kasey Kelsay and designated hitting Bethany Moore. Catcher Casi Brooks had a RBI (run batted in).

South Panola scored in the bottom of the first and held that 1-0 until Tishomingo County scored in the top of the fourth.

South Panola scored in the bottom of the sixth to break the score. Tishomingo could not score in the top of the seventh and the Lady Tigers walked away with the win.

Kiihnl and Kelsay scored the runs for the Lady Tigers.

Kiihnl pitched the complete game for the win, striking out 15 batters.

In Saturday action, the Lady Tigers shut out their three opponents. They defeated Booneville and Caledonia each by scores of 6-0. They defeated Booneville in five innings and Caledonia in six innings. They demolished Greenville St. Joe 15-0 in four innings.

Against Booneville, Kiihnl struck out 13; 15 against Caledonia and five against Greenville. Kenzi Reed pitched one inning in relief against Greenville and struck out one batter.

Against Booneville, Kiihnl had two hits. Kelsay, Brooks, Thaggard and Haley Hood each had a hit. Hillari Plummer and Moore both hit a double.

With RBIs were Brooks, two; Kelsay, Moore and Hood, one each.

Kiihnl led in hitting against Caledonia with four, including a double and a RBI.

Brooks had two hits, including a double, and two RBIs. Hillari Plummer also had a double. Kelsay hit a double and one RBI. Parrish had one hit.

Getting two runs against Greenville were Kayla Roden, Bethany Moore and Haley Walton.

Leann Parrish and Haylei Plummer each had a double.

Others getting a hit were Victoria Alford, Hillari Plummer, Moore, Meredith Roberson, Lindsey Thaggard and Walton.

The Lady Tigers will play in Olive Branch for the first district game of the season tonight instead of at home beginning at 5 p.m.

In another district showdown, the Lady Tigers will play at Southaven Thursday at 5 and 6 p.m.

New SP Tiger coach settles in
By Myra Bean

New South Panola head football coach Lance Pogue reported for duty last Thursday.

He said he has spent his time going from classroom to classroom.

"I’m trying to put names with faces," Pogue said, as he exited the music room Monday morning.

Pogue also said he is still looking for a place to settle within the community.

North Delta head football coach Richard Russo and Pogue remember each other from some competition in prior years.

Russo came from Bruce High School and Bruce played Eupora.

"He is a very good coach," Russo said.

Pogue also coached with David Wilkerson, a former coach and teacher at South Panola, during Pogue’s community college coaching years. That bit of information was exchanged between Pogue and head tennis coach Kim Wilson.

Wilkerson now coaches at Northeast Community College.

Pogue will assume teaching duties in the fall. Until then he is working on the schedule and preparing for spring practice which begins the last of April.


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